School Bus Safety Rules of Uttar Pradesh

  • It is vital to inscribe the word “ School Bus” on the front and back of the bus
  • For those buses which are hired, “On School Duty” must be displayed in front of the bus visible to everyone
  • No school bus should carry children more than it is permitted
  • Every school bus should have a strong locking system and handrail should be placed near the doorsteps for safe entry and exit of students
  • Do not allow students to stand near danger zones of school bus
  • There should be enough space provided under the seat or roof of the bus to keep bags of students safely
  • Every school bus should have a first aid box and an ISI marked fire extinguisher
  • All school bus windows should have horizontal grills in it
  • School bus drivers should have a minimum experience of 10 years and should not have any record of traffic offence
  • A trained or qualified school bus attendant is necessary in a school bus
  • In a school bus, a parent or a guardian can accompany students to ensure safety
  • School name and its telephone number must be displayed on the front and rear side of the school bus


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