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School Transport Provider Software

Enjoy easier school bus management and better ROI

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Why Opt For TrackSchoolBus School Transportation Provider Software?

TrackSchoolBus is a leading school bus tracking solution provider since 2014. We strive to provide the finest quality service to our clients to maintain a loyal and long-term relationship. Our main motto behind the service is to offer affordable automated school transportation solutions to ensure better fleet management and safety.

With our software in hand you can tackle challenges like

  • Vehicle reusability
  • Driver/Attendant availability
  • Trip Management
  • Data collection & Optimisation
  • Routing










Online School Bus Fare Collection

Say goodbye to physically collecting school bus fare and stop worrying about their storage, transportation and security. You can now go completely digital with the School Transportation software from TrackSchoolBus to reduce manpower and increase. convenience & ROI

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Trip Card

Trip card help you deal with your school transportation task more efficiently. As if you have a Trip card, you don’t have to worry if any sudden breakdown happens to any of your buses. Simply, make use of the trip card of the respective route in the spare bus and can continue the trip.

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Tracking Management

Don’t get tensed about your fleet while on trip. With our school transportation provider software, you can track your fleets 24/7. But this option is not available for schools; they can only track on their respective timing. Confused?

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Developed specifically with the requirements of School Transportation Service Providers in mind, the TrackSchoolBus School Transportation Provider Software helps you to efficiently facilitate and manage.

  • Complete school bus routing and deployment
  • Human resources (Drivers, Attendants, etc)
  • Data collection (Student, Route, etc)
  • Accounting (Direct Bus Fare Collection)
  • Vehicle inspection, maintenance & expenses
  • Student safety
  • Different kinds of alerts
  • Interface for support operators

Our Unique Features


Efficient Station Management

Efficient Station Management includes features enabling the smooth functioning and managing of stations with super control in the hands of transport providers. Our awesome features include:

  • Station management
  • Multiple Schools Management
  • Command Centre
  • Solid security
  • Access Rights Management
  • Common Student Management System
  • Parking Slot Management
  • Multi Lingual facility
  • Anomalies Management
  • Easy Add On Activation
  • Common Vehicle Management System
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Simplified Setup with AI

Integrating Artificial Intelligence into our system can make things done easily and systematically. We have introduced certain features for managing bulk data, creating trips, assigning vehicles and drivers, adding bus stops etc. All these are effortlessly done using AI integrated features and it includes:

  • Auto routing
  • Auto Optimization
  • Auto Allocation
  • Auto Data Collection
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Elegant Card Management

Our system has rightly incorporated different cards for carrying out special purposes. These smart cards function as a mean to mark attendance. Our card gallery includes Trip Card, Green Card, Driver and Assistant Cards etc.

  • Green Card
  • Driver and Assistant Cards
  • Trip Card
  • Students Card
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Crucial Integration Management

Our system has fairly integrated payment gateway and SMS Gateway for its smooth functioning. Using integrated gateways parents can make payments effortlessly and SMS Gateways are used to make communication easier. Transport provider can choose any desired gateway for online transaction.

  • Integrated Hardwares
  • Integrated Payment Gateways
  • Sensors Based Features
  • Integrated SMS Gateways
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Seamless Trip Management

Using the features under seamless trip management, our system has provisions to manage trips according to the situation, like scheduled trip, instant trip, shuttle trip and more. Also, transport provider will be able to create and manage transportation fares consistently.

  • Multiple Trip Type Management
  • Transportation Fare Management
  • Transport Area Management
  • Vehicle Inspection Management
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Communication Management

Proper communication is the pillar of any system. To make effective communication possible, we have included alerts management and user notification management features in our system so that the transport provider can decide what notification to send in which format (push notification, email/SMS)

  • Alert Management
  • User Notification management
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User Management

Different user roles can operate our system.To make it more appealing we have included features like driver management, driver console, duty roster, bus assistant management etc.

  • Duty Roster
  • Driver Console
  • Transport Manager
  • Bus Assistant Management
  • Fleet Manager
  • Availability Calendar
  • Driver Management
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Extendable Plug and Play features

Using extendable PnP features, we have incorporated features like excursion trip management, two factor attendance etc.
Two factor attendance is a real-time attendance tracking feature which provides the users with alerts for mishaps and emergency. Excursion trip management let transport provider to organize and manage an excursion trip in an effective manner possible.

  • Shuttle Trip
  • Stay Back Trips
  • Excursion Trip
  • Two Factor Attendance System
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Reports Managements

Our system can look into more than 100+reports based on requirements. All the reports are collected accurately by our system and can be used for further reference too.

Our Apps

Parent App

Track real-time location of your school going children with our parent app and get yourself relaxed.

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Transport Manager App

Managing fleets are quite a difficult task. Taking this into concern, we developed the Transport Manager App helping you to manage fleets effectively.

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Fleet Manager App

Fleet managers can view and manage assigned vehicles to them with our Fleet Manager App. This lead to managing assigned fleets effectively without any hassle.

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Driver Console App

With our Driver Console App, school bus drivers can easily perform their tasks such as marking attendance, planning routes and much more.

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Bus Attendant App

Manage school bus attendance easily and efficiently with School Bus Attendant App. With this app, bus attendants can assign pick-up and drop points, etc.

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Teacher App

A perfect way for teachers to know student presence & make attendance marking effortless.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am providing services to multiple schools. Can I manage multiple schools at the same time?

Yes. The system supports multiple schools accounts so that you can support multiple schools at from a single point.

2. How can I get student details like their bus stops, schools, parent details etc?

After creating school accounts, parents/school authorities can add all student details.

3. How the transport manager can add/modify/delete the bus stops or routes?

If no student is assigned, the transport manager can delete the unwanted bus stops, routes etc.

4. How is the parent app helpful to parents?

Parents can track their child, notifies before drop up and pick up, fee payment etc.

5. How will parents get the notification?

After downloading Parent App, parents can login using the credentials. Push notifications are shown in their phone at times of any notification.

6. We are providing some shuttle services for our school customers. Can we schedule the shuttle trips in this system?

Definitely. You can create shuttle trips using the system. You can create the route, bus stops, trip timing, and assign the vehicle and driver for that trip. You can assign the same shuttle trip to multiple vehicles as well.