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School Transport Provider Software

Enjoy easier fleet management and better ROI

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Online School Bus Fare Collection

Say goodbye to physically collecting school bus fare and stop worrying about their storage, transportation and security. You can now go completely digital with the School Transportation software from TrackSchoolBus to reduce manpower and increase. convenience & ROI

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Trip Card

Trip card help you deal with your school transportation task more efficiently. As if you have a Trip card, you don’t have to worry if any sudden breakdown happens to any of your buses. Simply, make use of the trip card of the respective route in the spare bus and can continue the trip.

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Tracking Management

Don’t get tensed about your fleet while on trip. With our school transportation provider software, you can track your fleets 24/7. But this option is not available for schools; they can only track on their respective timing. Confused?

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Developed specifically with the requirements of School Transportation Service Providers in mind, the TrackSchoolBus School Transportation Provider Software helps you to efficiently facilitate and manage.

  • Complete school bus routing and deployment
  • Human resources (Drivers, Attendants, etc)
  • Data collection (Student, Route, etc)
  • Accounting (Direct Bus Fare Collection)
  • Vehicle inspection, maintenance & expenses
  • Student safety
  • Different kinds of alerts
  • Interface for support operators

Why Opt For TrackSchoolBus School Transportation Provider Software?

TrackSchoolBus is a leading school bus tracking solution provider since 2014. We strive to provide the finest quality service to our clients to maintain a loyal and long-term relationship. Our main motto behind the service is to offer affordable automated school transportation solutions to ensure better fleet management and safety.









Our Unique Features

Nanny Management

It helps you in managing school bus attendants or nannies such as assigning specific vehicles, recording their attendance, etc.

Route card

This helps you to find details about the particular route covered by the vehicle and driver.

Driver Console

With School Transportation Provider Software, school bus drivers can view assigned routes and trips, pick-up and drop points, etc.

Trips Management

The software helps you to assign vehicles to trip routes, monitor vehicles in real-time, auto-routing, auto-optimization, etc.

Parking Management

With this software, you can track not only while they are moving but also when they are parked such as whether it is in the assigned slot or not. Slots can be assigned either manually or automatically by auto data collection method.

Driver Management

Our software helps you to monitor drivers’ performance which can benefit you in enhancing performance, improving safety, etc.

Our Apps

Parent App

Track real-time location of your school going children with our parent app and get yourself relaxed.

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Transport Manager App

Managing fleets are quite a difficult task. Taking this into concern, we developed the Transport Manager App helping you to manage fleets effectively.

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Fleet Manager App

Fleet managers can view and manage assigned vehicles to them with our Fleet Manager App. This lead to managing assigned fleets effectively without any hassle.

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Driver Console App

With our Driver Console App, school bus drivers can easily perform their tasks such as marking attendance, planning routes and much more.

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Bus Attendant App

Manage school bus attendance easily and efficiently with School Bus Attendant App. With this app, bus attendants can assign pick-up and drop points, etc.

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Teacher App

A perfect way for teachers to know student presence & make attendance marking effortless.

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Yes, we are ready to help you any time. Our dedicated team is always ready to answer your queries. Feel free to contact us via mail, call, Skype, WhatsApp.
You can monitor the driver’s behaviour by tracking sharp turns, sudden breaks, over speeding etc. Thus helping you to manage them in an effective manner possible.
Yes, because with this software you can reduce manual efforts, improve productivity; reduce maintenance costs and many more.
You can make use of both web as well as mobile to track real-time location updates of the school bus.
Our software helps you to do proper vehicle Inspection and other fleet maintenance tasks. Thus reducing the amount of money to be spent on school bus maintenance.

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