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    School Bus Attendant App

    A New Go-To for School Bus Drivers

    Now you can mark school bus attendance of students without much effort with our school bus attendant app.

    With this app, you don’t need to remember every student’s pickup point and contact details. Thus taking away your burden of marking attendance manually.

    Key Features

    Figure Out Next Destination

    The app helps you to find the next pick up or drop down point along with contact details and image of the student. And when a student boards the bus, you will get a notification and trip confirmation finally leads to trip history.


    When students board the bus, you don’t have to mark attendance manually as it gets marked automatically. This makes the attendance details accurate and error-free.

    Manifest Feature

    It provides you with routine school bus passenger details such as route, pick up details, a complete list of students boarded the bus, etc. If any student is absent, then his/her pickup details will not appear in the list of respective day.


    With this app, you will receive instant notifications whenever the child boards or misses the school bus and every minute to minute detail. And also you will get alert if the child gets de-boarded at the wrong location.

    Birthday Announcements

    As the app is loaded with each child’s personal details, it provides birthday announcements. This makes the students excited and makes the journey enjoyable.

    Trip Planning

    It helps you to schedule the school bus trip easily and in result helps to direct the drivers throughout the trip.

    Pick-up Point Optimization

    With this, you can update pick up point depending on realistic points. And also it can be changed if the pickup point is relocated.


    With this app, you will be able to receive important messages sent by the authorities. Authorities can also send voice messages to attendants.

    Want to make your school bus attendant tasks stress-free?

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