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Auto Optimization

Smart Optimization With Built-in AI!

Get regular feedback and suggestions on optimizing your school bus routes and pickup points with the unique School Bus Auto Optimization facility based on built-in artificial intelligence.

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  • Auto optimization is done based on the start point (source) and end point (destination) of the trip.
  • This reduces vehicle running time, fuel usage, driver and transport manager efforts, saves fuel, etc.
  • Pick up point optimization utilizes system intelligence, and historical data, and then suggest an exact pick up point for each student with reference to their assigned points.
  • Adjustment of route and vehicle seating capacity.
  • Update pick up point instantly in case of relocation.
  • Comprises two modules - route optimization and pick up optimization.
  • Route optimization manages multiple pick up points in a single route, order intermediate pick up points and determine the shortest route.
  • Continuously monitors change in pickup points and suggest the best road to reduce the distance and running time, also avoid high traffic areas.
  • Assign pick up point based on actual or realistic location.
  • Increases vehicle durability as each vehicle would cover only the required distance, avoiding unnecessary travel time and distance.