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Auto Optimization

Smart Optimization With Built-in AI!

Get regular feedback and suggestions on optimizing your school bus routes and pickup points with the unique School Bus Auto Optimization facility based on built-in artificial intelligence.

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  • Auto optimization is done based on the start point (source) and end point (destination) of the trip.
  • This reduces vehicle running time, fuel usage, driver and transport manager efforts, saves fuel, etc.
  • Pick up point optimization utilizes system intelligence, and historical data, and then suggest an exact pick up point for each student with reference to their assigned points.
  • Adjustment of route and vehicle seating capacity.
  • Update pick up point instantly in case of relocation.
  • Comprises two modules - route optimization and pick up optimization.
  • Route optimization manages multiple pick up points in a single route, order intermediate pick up points and determine the shortest route.
  • Continuously monitors change in pickup points and suggest the best road to reduce the distance and running time, also avoid high traffic areas.
  • Assign pick up point based on actual or realistic location.
  • Increases vehicle durability as each vehicle would cover only the required distance, avoiding unnecessary travel time and distance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. If there is relocation on pick up/drop-down points, will the system automatically update data?

Yes, provide the software with the required details and it will update accordingly.

2. If there is traffic congestion in a particular area for a period of time, how TrackSchoolBus can help?

TrackSchoolBus can definitely help. It continuously monitors the change in pickup points and suggest the best road to reduce the distance and running time, also avoid high traffic areas.

3. Can this system make use of the shortest routes available?

Yes, our system can make you of the shortest routes possible, thus saving time and fuel. TrackSchoolBus optimizes routes smartly.

4. Is auto-optimization feature time-saving?

Cent percentage! TrackSchoolBus optimizes pick up routes and school bus routes using unique School Bus auto-optimization feature built-in artificial intelligence. It saves time and manual effort to a great extent.

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