How TrackSchoolBus Works?

TrackSchoolBus is a solution to parents and school authorities to create a safe and efficient school bus management. We provide GPS tracking solutions to ensure student safety to and from their schools. Trackschoolbus provides real-time location of the school bus to parents and school authorities. Our software helps the transport manager to maintain school bus fleet efficiently.


Create an account for school after getting into an agreement

Will receive the hardware

Technician will come to school and install it

Setting up user profiles, vehicles, routes, etc

Printing and providing RFID cards to students

Sharing user credential and mobile app link to parents

Driver and bus assistant will get notified about which trip & route they have to take via mobile

Mobile app will show the route, bus stops, students, etc in their mobile

Students can mark their attendance by swiping the card while boarding and unboarding on the vehicle

Parents will get notification about the real-time location of the vehicle in their mobile

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