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Basic Users


School Admin/Principal


  • Manage users, students, routes, and pick-up points

  • Send messages to drivers, bus attendants and parents

  • Manage billing and invoice

  • Create and manage scheduled instant trips.


Transport Manager


  • Monitor school bus fleets

  • Create new routes

  • Assign students to school bus

  • Create and assign instant pickups

  • Communicate with drivers

  • Approve pickup change request

  • View vehicle status

  • Enable or disable teacher profile


Fleet Manager


  • Manages all vehicle fleets and drivers

  • Generate reports to school authorities




  • Check the student's bus route in the Google map

  • Track the school bus in real-time

  • Receive notification when students board or unboard the bus

  • View 3 days’ notification in the notification menu

  • Request pick up point change

  • View attendance details

  • Apply leave

  • Communicate with the school bus authority




  • Approve student leave




  • View pick up and drop route

  • View leave list

  • Record student attendance

  • receive notification sent by transport manager

  • Play audio messages


Bus Coordinator


  • Search students by name or number

  • View Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

  • Obtain attendance and pick up details

  • Track real-time location

  • Obtain pick up/drop updates


Bus Attendant


  • Record student attendance for drivers

  • Review boarding or unboarding details

  • Receive messages from transport managers and other relevant authorities

  • Update pickup point or drop point in case of relocation


Optional /Payable Users




  • Manage all the financial dealings, which comprise school transportation expenses, bus fare collection, etc.




  • Provides assistance to transport managers for route planning


Tag Vendor


  • Access student details for creating tags


  • Printing student details in RFID cards





  • Manage payment in canteens, book stores, etc.


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