TrackSchoolBus Users

Whether it is a Transport Manager, Bus Coordinator, Driver, Parent or any other user, TrackSchoolBus has comprehensive user profiles for each of them. Features for each user profile are given below.

Basic Users

School Admin/Principal

Manage users, students, routes, and pick-up points Send messages to drivers, bus attendants and parents Manage billing and invoice Create and manage scheduled instant trips.


Check the student's bus route in the Google map Track the school bus in real-time Receive notification when students board or unboard the bus View 3 days’ notification in the notification menu Request pick up point change View attendance details Apply leave Communicate with the school bus authority

Bus Coordinator

Search students by name or number View Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Obtain attendance and pick up details Track real-time location Obtain pick up/drop updates

Fleet Manager

Manages all vehicle fleets and drivers Generate reports to school authorities


View pick up and drop route View leave list Record student attendance Receive notification sent by transport manager Play audio messages

Transport Manager

Monitor school bus fleets Create new routes Assign students to school bus Create and assign instant pickups Communicate with drivers Approve pickup change request View vehicle status Enable or disable teacher profile

Bus Attendant

Record student attendance for drivers Review boarding or unboarding details Receive messages from transport managers and other relevant authorities Update pickup point or drop point in case of relocation


Approve student leave

Optional/Payable Users


Manage all the financial dealings, which comprise school transportation expenses, bus fare collection, etc.

Tag Vendor

Access student details for creating tags Printing student details in RFID cards


Provides assistance to transport managers for route planning

Point of Sale

Manage payment in canteens, book stores, etc.

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