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Why TrackSchoolBus?

School bus safety is the term that rings a bell for everyone. Why? Of course, school bus is the preferred means of transportation for school children. And the safety of children should be given higher priority than anything since they are the future and safeguarding them should be our prime responsibility.

Earlier, managing the school bus transportation was an immense task. But with the advent of a school bus tracking system, there was a positive change in the student safety. Apart from that, there are several benefits of school bus tracking that we are unaware of. Meanwhile, let's have a glimpse of the benefits offered by Trackschoolbus, which is a prominent provider of school bus tracking software.

Exclusive apps

Of course, it is a world of smart phones. People prefer apps rather than a set of books. Due to this reason, we provide a variety of apps to different users like parent, driver, school bus attendant and transport managers. Each user possesses certain privileges and are able to relish the benefits associated with it.

  • Parent app enables the parent to view their child's school bus attendance, scheduled route, real-time location, receive notifications and re-assign pick up point
  • School bus attendant app assists the attendants to identify the next destination, receive announcements and notifications, schedule trip, optimize pick up point, obtain error free details, and attain the benefits of manifest feature and recentre facility
  • Transport manager app allows the transport manager to have superior control of the school bus fleet, track the school bus, schedule trip, communicate with other users, stay alert, receive notification, and identify the untracked vehicles
  • Driver console app enables the drivers to plan navigation, monitor speed, view details, obtain live-cam feed, optimize pick up point, receive announcements, scheme routes, and receive notifications

Real-time GPS tracking system

Several schools have installed GPS tracking system to their transportation vehicles. With the trackers, you can curtail fleet expenses, determine the optimum route for the trip, monitor driver habits, resolve employee timing disputes, and ensure student safety. The following are some dominant benefits associated with a tracking system:

  • By utilizing the GPS and RFID technology, parents and school authorities will be able to receive instant notifications regarding the updates of school transportation, location of the child, etc.
  • School bus routing is performed with high accuracy. Time and effort can be preserved, as the system has the re-routing and re-scheduling facility


Parents and school authorities are able to attain real-time notifications via the apps. One of the key benefits of obtaining instant notifications via a school bus tracking system is enhanced safety and convenience. Notifications are highly useful for the parents to pick up and drop their child promptly without any delay (according to the school bus schedule).

Using the notification feature of the tracking system, parents obtain instant notifications whenever their child misses or board the wrong bus. The notifications can be received via mobile applications as well as web interface. In addition to this, parents who do not have access to smart phone also receive notifications via a parent portal.

The first notification will be received ten minutes before the bus arrives to the scheduled stop. And the next notification will be received when the student boards the bus and swipes the RFID card in the card reader installed in the school bus. When the students descend the bus and swipe the RFID card,another notification will be sent to parents as well as school authorities. Apart from all these notifications, parents and transport manager obtain instant notification whenever the school bus surpass the speed limit or divert from the scheduled route

Industry Leading Hardware

Trackschoolbus creates the tracking system with the leading and latest GPS tracking device accessible today. Our developers ensure that the clients are able to relish high quality software and hardware in their tracking system.

The system has unique hardware integrated with both GPS and RFID system. Also, there is video surveillance with special hardware and unlike other hardware it has a built-in attendance system. Due to its sleeker design, transportation becomes convenient and, it occupies minimum space in the system.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The hardware created is having superior quality and we do not employ any China made devices to our system. And henceforth, the hardware requires minimum maintenance. Moreover, the installation of this single piece hardware is quite simple, lacks unnecessary complication, and demand relatively less amount of time to install it.

Implementation of artificial intelligence

Indeed, it is a world of artificial intelligence, and we implement AI to our school bus tracking apps through our latest features such as auto routing, auto allocation, and auto optimization. Through the auto routing feature, you will be able to receive suggestions for optimized route, trip and assign vehicle accordingly. With the auto allocation feature, pick up point location is assigned based on the residential address of students and it will be shown automatically on the Google map. And, the auto optimization features assist you to obtain the best route that saves driver’s time and efforts, optimize pick up point, reduce vehicle expenses, improve vehicle durability, update pick up point in case of relocation, and avoid high traffic areas.

Why TrackSchoolBus?
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