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Safe, Optimized School Bus Management!

The TrackSchoolBus system incorporates a slew of features to provide the best experience to its users. We take a two-fold approach of ensuring student safety while helping schools to run their fleet in the most efficient manner possible.


Geo-Fencing Feature

Restrict the movement of vehicle within a particular area. If a vehicle enters restricted area, an alarm system will provide warning and helps in identifying the wrong location.

Real-time Notifications

Receive real-time notifications on events such as bus arrival, student bus boarding, student reaches school, student board from school, student safe arrival at home.


Parents and transport manager receive alerts when the school bus exceeds speed limit or attempts to make an unscheduled stop.

Distinctive Hardware

The system has distinctive hardware with the integration of both GPS and RFID system. Also, there is video surveillance with special hardware.

Improved Security

All mobile apps are secured with an individual security key, which is suitable for different devices. And the optimised version of each app is available now for every user.

No Need of Extra Hardware

School authorities do not have to install a GPS tracking system. A separate hardware for tracking the school bus is not required.

Error Free Details

Taking school bus attendance manually can be prone to errors. Usage of school bus app is a great idea to solve this issue as it features attendance registration facility.

Driver Guidance

Drivers get directions throughout a trip. They can view the next destination along with student image and contact details. In addition to this, they get important messages from schools via announcements in apps. Also, drop details of students will appeared on the screen.

Trip History

When you confirm school bus route, it will be automatically be updated in the trip history. Once recorded, you can view it whenever you desire.

Map Feature

Our school bus tracking apps provide peace of mind to parents as they get instant notification and also allow them to monitor routes in real-time through the map feature.


New reports are added based on mobile application usage. Various reports can be downloaded from the site including that of school bus attendance instantly from the system.

User Profiles

There are different user roles for parents, teachers, transport managers, point of sales representatives (Library, canteens, etc), etc.

Face Recognition Feature

Using this feature, student attendance can be marked by facial recognition of students. And it requires a clear image of student, which includes all the face features like eyes, nose, cheeks, ears and lips.

Cashless System

There is an online payment system for bus fares and a new mobile application for cashless sales. This feature is available for android as well as iOS platforms.Currently, we have 4 unique modes of payment for our software- Brain Tree payment gateway (it supports credit card and debit card),PayPal, Payfort and PayUmoney, which supports Indian rupee.

Advanced Features

Advanced Optimized Routing Process

The system will identify the most efficient and optimised routes so that the school authorities don't need to spend more time to create the routes. The system will do that for you.

Online Payment System

Online payments are now more popular than direct payments. In the TrackSchoolBus system, a parent can make payment for bus fares, school fee and any other fee online.

Well Optimised Data Entry And Importing Facility

The system will collect all the necessary information, which is helpful for creating the various types of reports and provide "import" feature to ease the data entry process.

Advanced Command Centre

Command centre allows the transport manager to view the details of trips, vehicles and tracking on a single screen.

Advanced Playback System For Completed Trips

This feature helps to check the historical movement of the vehicle. You can see the route, vehicles that actually run on the routes, the point from which a vehicle moved beyond their speed limit, etc. The speed of the movement can be controlled, and it can be moved forward or backwards.

Auto Routing Process

The Auto Routing feature will help you to create routes and the trips based on the pickup point density, allocate the vehicle based on seating capacity, etc. So all you need to do is create pickup points, enter the trip details (pick up/ drop or both), and leave the rest to the system.

Unplanned Trip Auto Routing

This feature allows the customer to run the vehicle first; the system will collect details like trip details, route details, etc. Then, the school authority can create pickup points and assign it to the students. It will be a convenient method for schools, especially for scheduling purpose.

Multiple Shift Based Trip Merger

It allows the school authorities to merge multiple shifts to a single one. Suppose, two sections (let's say Preliminary and Higher Secondary) have same pickup time, but different drop time, we can merge the trips to a single one so that it will avoid ambiguity and all the students from those sections can be brought in a single trip.

Cashless School

Students don't have to carry cash anymore for buying food from school canteen/cafeteria, paying fines in the library or buying textbooks, purchasing stationary items from school's store etc...They can use their ID cards (RFID cards) for purchasing the books, foods etc. Parents can recharge student payment cards online and they will get notification every time their children make purchases.

Multiple Hardware Partners

We have the partnership with Indian and International hardware manufacturers with support for various versions of their products. Customers can choose the best hardware suitable for their requirements. Teltonika, Promag Europe, Ruptela, HID, Autocop and National meter are few of them.