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    International Franchisees

    I-Follow is a next-generation company using RFID technology to locate school children in real time and informing the parents of their movements via a mobile app. I-Follow teamed up with the technology market leaders to establish our children’s invisible guardian.

    Skype: +27224512086

    Tyler West Synergy Limited is an indigenous Telecommunications and ICT service support company based in Nigeria. Our operations revolve around the business of Telecoms Brokerage, Biometric Solutions, Identity & Access Management, Telecoms and IT Consultancy, Security and Biometrics Equipment Provision and Installation, Software Acquisition, Mobile Application Development, etc.

    The dawn of cutting edge digital tech demands transformation of businesses to automated process management. Horthus solutions deliver innovative enterprise applications, AI tech, blockchain and IoT services to clients around the globe.

    Domestic Franchisees

    Visiosonic Vigilance & telecom is into the business of security and surveillance, catering to a wide range of customers from businesses to coaching classes and residential complexes. VVT, together with Trackschoolbus would pave way for providing security to students availing school transport facility. Thereby enabling schools and parents with a transparent tracking mechanism with the use of advanced tracking technology.

    Exclusive Features for Franchisees

    We have introduced a few franchisee-friendly features to our software, making it easier for Franchisee owners to handle different software business requirements. Check them out

    • Franchisees can now view the details without knowing user credentials. This feature is particularly useful for support purpose as you could cross check the details by switching over to individual account (such as parent account, admin account, etc.) and return back to super admin account after responding to queries
    • Super Admins are privileged for a particular area
    • Create and manage school accounts
    • Users can view summary of each school or all schools
    • Manage users under each school account
    • Private messaging facility with school admin
    • Obtain school-wise reports or reports of all schools together
    • Generate vehicle reports (reports of active vehicles, or based on a particular period) for billing purpose based on the number of vehicles
    • Customer based reports including payment report and sales report
    • Customer spread report (recognise customer based on continent, country, etc.) displayed on the map
    • Check upcoming expiries for validity extension and payment collection purpose

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