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Solve all Real-world problems of school bus administrators across the globe


About Us

Our mission has motivated us go beyond our limitations to improve school bus administrator capabilities. Our creative think tank and development team does this by creating groundbreaking and sustainable features that produce positive outcomes for all stakeholders

We have been able to create 3 different software solutions for Schools, Transport Providers and District Schools, each with its own set of unique characteristics from the learning gained from years of exposure to users across the globe.

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The TrackSchoolBus Story


TSB is born with web application version 1.0

Released parent app, in both android and IOS platform

Released TM app, in both android and IOS platform


Gains presence in south-east Asia & Middle East

Designed, developed and integrated first device with gps tracker + rfid card reader in one unit

Introduced version 2.0 in web application with new layout


TrackSchoolBus evolves into a comprehensive IoT solution with a set of unique apps and web interfaces for various user profiles.

Our clientele starts to expand to other continents through various distributors

Released TrackSchoolBus version 3.0 with new skins & features in web and all mobile apps

I follow becomes a Franchisee for South Africa

First school bus tracking software to enable bus attendance using separate app for bus attendant or nannies


TrackSchoolBus starts making significant inroads into markets in Australia, Middle East, South Asia, and Africa.

Introduced command center as a add-on

Artificial Intelligence features began to shape up.

Released TrackSchoolBus version 3.5

Q2 - First one to come up with separate solution for school transport provider

Q4 - Introduced route can to change route using a simple swipe

Jacobs Travels becomes Franchisee for Netherland

Zeniths comes as Franchisee for Dubai


Q1 - TrackSchoolBus version 4.0 launched with unrivalled set of features including advanced Artificial Intelligence integration.

Starts offering products to school transport providers and district schools.