A major pain point for schools when opting for tracking software is the set-up period. However, the TrackSchoolBus software set-up can be done quite swiftly..

Approximate time required for implementation- 3-4 weeks, which cover procedures such as, hardware ordering, installation, card printing, card issue, data collection, data entry, and account configuration

The steps for set-up are as provided below.

Register as school or obtain an activated school account from the TSB team

Configuration of account

  • Fill up the whole master data as per application needs
  • Gather all master data, which includes vehicle details, drivers’ details, bus attendant details, student details, student images, student pick up/drop location, routes, trips, etc.

Order Hardware

  • Order tracking hardware, card readers, and RFID/MIFARE/HID cards or NFC
  • Order SIM cards
  • TSB team ship hardware and student cards to the customer’s location

Configure & Install Hardware

  • Configure the hardware based on brand and model, and SIM card provider. Detailed documentation will be provided
  • Install or mount hardware inside vehicle. Detailed documentation will be provided
  • Insert SIM card to hardware
  • Pair hardware along with vehicles based on installation or mounting

Get Student Cards

  • Print cards with student details including student photo, logo of school, etc.


Order printed cards and while ordering cards, provide student details. And after that TSB team will provide printed and allocated cards


  • Assign cards to students based on printed details
  • Issue cards to students
  • Issue accounts to parents
  • Schedule trips/Perform auto routing or auto allocation procedure
  • Finalize configuration using Configuration Checker
  • Application is ready to use

Start Using

3. You can optimize route, pick up points, trips, etc based on the historical data

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