How Does School Bus Tracking Work? (Video)


How often have we heard of accidents involving school children? National census says some 1,00,000 accidents involving school buses and school kids take place annually. It is not just accidents. There are a lot of incidents of students going missing, especially from bus stops and in some cases, from front of their homes. In the nuclear families these days, parents seldom find time to drop off and pick up their children from bus stops, nor do they have time to wait at the bus stops to help their wards board the bus. All this together with a serious lack of safety measures both on and off the buses is the primary cause for such situations. This is where an efficient and accurate school bus tracker can help you.

Just install a school bus tracking system on your school buses and it ensures the safety of the children. This school bus tracker coupled with a school bus tracking app on your mobile devices, gives you constant updates of your child’s whereabouts. Using Global Positioning System (GPS) is not a tedious task. Anyone can master it. You simply need a hand held mobile device and a track school bus app installed in it. Just check the video below to know how school bus tracker can keep track of your children.



  • Besides tracking your children, a school bus GPS tracking system as the name suggests, helps you track the school bus itself. Using the school bus tracker you can see if a bus follows the route that it is assigned. If any diversion from original route is detected, the GPS on board the school bus immediately alerts the school and the parents.
  • You can keep track of the drivers and their driving patters. Human errors are a predominant factor in most accidents. Sudden braking and acceleration by drivers may lead to accidents. Hence this requires monitoring by a highly reliable school bus tracker. In case of rash driving, the school bus GPS sends alerts to the concerned people.
  • It can monitor fuel consumptions and keep check on pollution. Bus owners find this tech highly useful as it can help in proper maintenance of buses. As rash driving is eliminated, less money is spent on maintenance and repair.
  • You can even keep records of which drivers and students use which bus. So, in case of any emergency it would be possible for the concerned people to pull out the records to track the details.
  • The advantage of using such a system is that it operates in real-time. Hence the delay between collecting and documenting or sending information is greatly reduced. Countries like the US, UK, China, Japan and many more have gone the way of the GPS and it has proved to be helpful to reduce accidents and thereby saving countless lives, especially those of children.
  • GPS tracking systems becomes more relevant at a time when school bus hijacking, molestation and kidnapping are becoming increasingly common. I the wake of such incidents, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made it mandatory for all school vehicles to gave GPS tracking systems.

So, would you advocate the use of a GPS School Bus Tracking System for school buses or do you think there are better alternatives available? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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