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School Transport Software

Ensure enhanced student safety and better fleet management for your school.

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Student & School Bus Safety

Stop worrying about the safety of school bus and its occupants. You can opt for our School Transport Software with which you can track all your school buses as well as students in real-time.


Efficient Routing and Planning

Bid a goodbye to manual school bus routing and planning. You can perform this task more efficiently with our School Transport Software. This software collects the data automatically and prepares the route. Not only this much, but it also has more unique features.


Communication Channels

You may face difficulty in communicating with parents, drivers and same can occur for them also. Don’t worry. Our School Transport Software can solve this issue and can provide you with a peace of mind. It gives instant alerts via notifications or push SMS to all respective concerned people.

This software might be a great fit for your school fleet.

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Are you a member of school authority struggling to maintain better fleet management and student safety? We have the solution- TrackSchoolBus School Transport Software. It helps you track real-time location of the school bus, thus ensuring student safety and better fleet management.

  • Efficient routing and planning
  • Student & school bus safety
  • School and parent communication
  • Capacity and route optimization
  • Data collection (student, route, etc)
  • Improves school’s reputation
  • Real-time location updates
  • Vehicle maintenance

Why TrackSchoolBus School Transport Software?

TrackSchoolBus proved to be a leader in providing school bus tracking solutions for various schools in various countries since 2014. Our keen in providing the best quality service made us the leader among others in the marketplace. With us, you can ensure complete safety of your students in school bus and better fleet management.









Our Unique Features

Real-time School Bus Updates

TrackSchoolBus School Transport Software enables you to see the real-time updates of school bus location, bus arrival, and student inboard and off-board status, etc.

Compatible with All Fleets

The software can help to run your fleets in the most effective manner possible as it is compatible for all fleets.

Multiple User Profiles

The software supports various user profiles such as for parents, school authorities, teachers, transport manager, etc

Instant Notification

With this, you can receive real-time notification regarding bus location, delays, arrival time, and student inboard and off-board status, etc.

Error-Free Pick Up and Drop Down Point Details

Tracking school bus details manually can lead to errors. Using app can help you avoid such errors as it includes student attendance feature.

Pick Up Point Optimization

Pick up points can be updated instantly with this software in case of any relocation. It collects all the historical data that is fed into it and assigns pickup point based on the actual or realistic location.

Our Apps

Parent App

Stay connected with your school going children with our Parent App as it provides real-time location updates of your children and school bus.

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Transport Manager App

Do your fleet management task in a smarter way with our Transport Manager App as it helps you to manage fleets effectively.

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Fleet Manager App

With this app, fleet managers can view and effectively manage all the fleets assigned to them without any stress.

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Driver Console App

School bus drivers can perform their assigned tasks in a more efficient and smarter way. With this marking attendance, planning routes and many more can be done easily.

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Bus Attendant App

School bus attendants can manage school bus attendance, assign pick up and drop down points, etc easily with this app.

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Teacher App

A perfect way for teachers to know student presence & make attendance marking effortless.

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School transport software must be simple so that everyone can understand and make use of it on a regular basis. It must have all the necessary features needed for better fleet management and ensure student safety.
Yes, of course! It saves an excess amount of time while importing data. And also there are automated tasks which geo-locates your contact details and bus stops. Thus, saves the required time as compared to doing it manually.
It will not take excess time. We will send you the detailed installation guide so that you can install it with the help of a vehicle electrician. Thus, saves a lot of time, effort as well as money.
Yes, it keeps the record of every minute-to-minute details of school bus trip. And if any mishaps, traffic block etc, you will get instant notification via app.
Yes, it is compatible with all kinds of fleets.
Yes, it is secure as we have taken all the necessary precaution required to ensure student safety and better fleet management.