Trip Card

School transport providers serve multiple numbers of schools. So they are required to send different vehicles to various routes based on availability. In such scenario, vehicles need to be changed instantly and in order to track predefined trip, system should know which vehicle is taking which trip.

To make it easy for transport providers, we have introduced “Trip Card”. Each bus will have a set of cards in which each card will identify a different trip of the particular bus. When the school bus driver or attendant swipes a trip card, the system identifies which vehicle is on which trip and accordingly system will align pickup points, driver, assistants and students.

Flexibility is a key thing for transport providers and that is what we enable with our trip card. If this is enabled, then there is no need for moving devices allocated to a trip. And make use of the same RFID card reader to let system know all things falls in place.

Now we are shedding the key uses of trip card which made it a unique feature among other features.


Data Collection

Every trip requires details but what if not having details of the trip? Trip Card is the solution. With this, it is possible to collect all the details as while swiping the trip card, all the trip details such as trip start and end time, start and end location, etc will be updated in the system automatically.


Data Optimization

Every trip has scheduled timings but sometimes unexpected time changing can occur due to some unavoidable situations. In such scenario, system with the help of trip card optimizes the data and updates it automatically.


Instant vehicle assignment

Transport managers usually schedule the trip a day itself so that driver can start the trip at the scheduled time itself. But there are some scenarios when spare vehicle is needed for the trip if any unexpected breakdown/issue happens. These situations can be easily tackled with the help of trip card. The only thing driver has to do is to swipe the trip card in the spare/assigned vehicle and his/her driver card and can start the trip at the scheduled time.


Instant driver assignment

For every vehicle, school bus drivers are assigned earlier itself to avoid last minute confusions. But sometimes unexpected scenario can happen like the driver took unexpected leave for the day. In this case, any other driver who is available at that time can make the trip. He/she only has to swipe the trip card first and then their respective driver card and can start the trip.


Instant bus assistant assignment

Along with drivers, bus assistants are also assigned in advance as they also have an important role in completing the trip successfully. So, if any bus assistant took unexpected leave, instant spare bus assistant is needed for the trip. In this case, if any bus assistant available at the time can go with the trip by swiping their respective card after the driver swipes the trip card and his/her card.


Vehicle switching between trips

Transport managers assign the vehicle for every trip in advance so that trip shouldn’t have any interrupt. But many a time sudden breakdowns or some other issue happens while ongoing the trip and trip has to be stopped. This can be avoided and continue the trip with the help of trip card. School bus drivers can seek a spare vehicle from the providers and swipe the trip card of the previous trip and continue the trip.


Enable tracking for actual trip timing

Every trip has a scheduled timing informed to parents and school authorities so that they can track the vehicle at real-time as they can track only in the scheduled time. So, in case if any change in the time both parents as well as school authorities will not be able to track. But this can be avoided with a trip card as with this; timings can be adjusted instantly which helps the concerned ones to track the real-time location of the vehicle.


  • Can switch the vehicles, drivers and bus assistants easily
  • Operation friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to enable add-on and install
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