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At TrackSchoolBus, we strive to provide you an extra edge to enhance your experience. Our smart hardware systems [+] are a result of these endeavours. These were created to take school bus management to the next level. Check them out below. [-]

Surveillance Cameras

Our school bus surveillance system integrates a total of 7 cameras. 4 of them are outdoor cameras placed at [+] four sides of the bus for drivers to view all sides and ensure the road is clear before starting the trip. Drivers can view the visuals from these 4 cameras from the driver console app screen.Among the 3 indoor cameras, one is placed inside the bus focused on the driver, one covers students in the first half of the bus and the third one covers students in the second half of the bus. The driver can see visuals from these cameras as well from the app. [-]  

In-bus Edutainment

Many students spend more than 2 hours on a school bus to and from the school. This time can be productively utilized [+] by providing them access to edutainment content. The In-bus Edutainment system provides exactly that. There are two parts to it:

In-bus Wi-Fi can be made available from the latest device which combines GPS tracker and Wi-Fi router. Students can access Wi-Fi from their own smart devices. Access will be limited to edutainment content only. The connected status and usage can be tracked as well.

The second aspect of In-bus Edutainment is the main screen inside the school bus. This screen can be utilised by school authorities to share approved content. (Contents are approved by either the school authorities or education ministry). Students can thus learn through entertainment using these solutions.[-]

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