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School Bus Route Planner

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can bus stop for each student allocated accordingly?

Of course, bus stops for each student can be saved. There are 3 ways to add a bus stop. It can be added by entering the full address or by entering the exact latitude and longitude details or by locating the place on maps.

2. How many student details can be added to this system?

No worries, any number of student details can be uploaded and saved in the system. Student data can be imported easily to our software.

3. Is GPS required for configuring and installing?

Yes, TrackSchoolBus do need a GPS.

4. Some students drop address is not the same as pick up address? How TrackSchoolBus can help in this scenario?

TrackSchoolBus has a solution for this too. The separate route can be saved in the “Reverse Route Creation” section.

5. How far geo-fencing is beneficial for schools?

Geo-fencing is a bliss. School transport providers can know if the school buses have moved beyond pre-set area boundaries. It is an additional safety measure for you.

6. Our school owns a fleet of buses? Is it possible to enroll all available vehicles in this software?

Why not! Our software can import details of the fleet of buses you own.

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