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For Parents

School bus tracking is considered to be a popular term among the school authorities. With the school bus tracker app, your child will be able to experience enhanced safety and security. Consequently, parents, teachers, and other school transportation authorities obtain real-time data regarding the whereabouts of their kid via SMS and push notifications. Here follows

School bus routing is a complicated process and intends to have a greater priority since it constitutes a vital role in ensuring student safety. Meanwhile, it demands proper planning and organization. Hence, it's high time for the parents to convince the gravity of the routing issue. Ordinarily, the factors that should be considered while scheduling

Illegal passing of school buses is a dominant school bus safety concern. Of course, passing a school bus is a notable traffic violation, it is against the law in several areas, but the penalties vary from one place to another. However, it poses a genuine threat to school bus students. Illegal passing: the rising issue

Choosing the school bus stop for picking up and dropping children is one of the complicated tasks that the school fleet managers often encounter. Nevertheless, with the improved fleet management software and devices, the task is easier, although certain guidelines need to be followed: 1. Pick traffic routes with less traffic and lower traffic speed,

  School bus fleet management is an integral part of school discipline and assuring student safety. Scheduling the school bus transport or school bus scheduling according to the needs of students and concerns of the parents is therefore a Herculean task. With the introduction of advanced technology such as GPS, fleet management has become easier

For Schools

school bus driving in cities featured image

Predominant Challenges and Tips for School Bus Driving in Cities

Driving through the urban roads is challenging for the drivers. The usual dilemmas confronted by drivers include unexpected pedestrians, heavy traffic, and jammed roadways. And, the risk increases for a school bus driver since they should concentrate on the road, and at the same time ensure student safety. Of course, while considering the 45 feet

December 7, 2017
school bus fleet management guide featured image

School Bus Fleet Management Guide for the Transport Managers

“Safety first is safety always” – Charles M Hayes School bus fleet management is essential since it has a key role in enhancing transportation efficiency and routing. But, how will you improve the fleet management? Why is it essential? Of course, you will have certain queries on school bus fleet management. Lets' check out the

December 6, 2017
school bus safety rules guide featured image

An Ultimate Guide to the School Bus Safety Rules

School bus safety rules ensures the safety and security of school bus students. Nevertheless, the parents will be concerned once they send their child to school bus unattended. Meanwhile, the school bus safety practices not only provide an assurance to parents, but also safeguard the kids from possible peril that encounters them in the absence

December 1, 2017
identify best route planning software for your school bus fleet

How to Identify the Best Route Planning Software for Your School Bus Fleet

One of the key challenges confronted by the school transportation services is the rising fuel expenses. By optimizing routes for the school bus trip, you will be able to handle the issue. In fact, the implementation of route planning software enables you to resolve the routing concerns of school bus fleets. Nevertheless, scheduling and coordinating

November 30, 2017
school bus discipline issues featured image

11 Strategies for Dealing with School Bus Discipline Issues

School bus discipline is an enormous issue confronted by the school bus drivers. As a member of school transportation management, it is your responsibility to maintain a proper discipline inside the bus and of course school bus is an extension of the classroom. However, the school bus discipline is the team effort and hence all

November 29, 2017

For Teachers

Step by Step Procedure for Child Road Safety

Step by Step Procedure for Child Road Safety

  Road safety for Children can be ensured by the systematic and pragmatic approach in implementing the rules of traffic in society. In addition, the enforcement of traffic rules should be done in a phased manner so as to include all the people, with special emphasis on children. Nevertheless, children are most vulnerable on the

October 24, 2017
General School Zone Traffic Rules

General School Zone Traffic Rules

  Do you intend to provide a better world for the coming generation? A safe and secure world in which accident rates for kids are low. Initiate a conscious effort to follow the traffic rules. Nevertheless, kids often learn from adults and your actions can have a ripple effect in turning them to the traffic

October 19, 2017
Can Social Media Promote Road Safety Education?

Can Social Media Promote Road Safety Education?

  Today, road safety education is one of the key challenges in human and fiscal developments. Most of the youngsters ageing from 15 to 29 die due to road related accidents. And it is expected that road crashes will soon become the world's seventh leading cause of death. In the past, there were no sufficient

April 4, 2017
Why are Child Road Safety Pedestrians at Greater Risk?Why are Child Road Pedestrians at Greater Risk?

Why are Child Road Pedestrians at Greater Risk?

  Road safety issues are a major hindrance to the progress of the country, especially in the developing ones. The disproportionate rate of increase in motor vehicles and infrastructure has been the main reason behind such issues. The fact that 10.5 % of our fatal accidents consist of children below 18 years of age stands

March 16, 2017
Is Road Safety Education Necessary for Children

Is Road Safety Education Necessary for Children

  Are road safety awareness programs only for the age groups above 18? It might seem natural to implement lessons for that age group since it provides assistance to people  behind the wheels. However, such lessons should be given from a much younger age considering the present circumstances. Such lessons are needed because of many

March 14, 2017

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