Fleet Manager App

Perform Fleet Operations Anytime

Dealing with vehicles and drivers can be challenging if you are managing a school bus fleet. But, there is no need to worry. Our fleet manager app can help you to deal with each of those challenges easily and efficiently.

With this app, you can track your fleets 24/7, manage bus drivers/assistants and do more.

Key Features

School Bus Tracking

With the Fleet Manager App, you can know real-time location updates of school buses when it is in transit and also when it is parked. This can help you identify the buses available in your fleet at any given point of time.

Trip Planning

Planning trips can be a pain with large fleets. But this app helps you plan and carry out different types of trips with ease. This can include planned trips as well as instant school bus trips. The app will help you to create pick up/drop down points and connect them to create routes using our Artificial Intelligence Algorithms.

Enhanced Communication

Communication with parents and school bus drivers is an essential part of fleet management. The TSB Fleet Manager App allows you to do so via SMS or third party apps such as Skype. So, you can send important messages about school bus trips, delays, mishaps, etc. without any hassle.

Instant Alerts

Instant alerts & notifications are vital taking timely decisions in case of any accident, heavy traffic,change in school bus routes, etc. This TSB App will send you enough real-time data to stay alert and make right decisions depending on the situations.

Efficient Management

When it comes to fleet management, there are various factors such as drivers and bus attendants, fuel, time management, routing, maintenance, etc. The many features in Fleet management app ensure managing your fleet becomes easy on all fronts. Productivity increases, Employees become happier, routes get optimized and your fleet maintenance cost gets reduced.

Fleet Maintenance

A bus has many movable parts, and timely maintenance is essential for optimum productivity. The fleet manager app helps you keep track of maintenance schedule for each school bus in your fleet and alerts you at the right time. This way, the maintenance of even larger fleets can be taken care of with ease..

Untracked Vehicles

The app will provide you with immediate notification if any of the fleets is not getting tracked and also the cause behind it.

Push Notification

With this app, you can send alerts or any important messages in the form of push notifications or SMS to multiple users at any time.

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