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Simplifying Fleet Management

Want to have better control of your school bus fleet? Transport Manager App helps you to manage a school bus fleet comprehensively, offering safety, convenience and ease of use in school bus transportation.


School Bus Tracking

School bus can be tracked by the transport managers anytime from anywhere. The real-time location of a school bus notified to the transport managers instantly. Also, they can track parked buses and know whether they are available or not available for school bus trip.

Trip Planning

Transport managers can plan the school bus trip effectively. They can create, assign, and update new pick up points easily without much dilemma. The automatic route planner software also help by showing the most efficient trip routes possible.

Enhanced Communication

Individuals managing school bus fleet can call drivers directly or via other options like Skype or send them SMS. Similarly, using the contact details of each student, they can interact with parents of each student separately

Stay Cautious

There are in-built alerts for accidents, heavy traffic, unscheduled routes or stops, unfavourable climate conditions, etc. This helps fleet managers to stay cautious and make decisions at the right time to ensure better safety.

Efficient Management

Transport managers can view trips scheduled for the next 3 hours. Creation of new routes, fleet monitoring, assigning students to each school bus, checking the device health, approve pick up point request, etc. can be done effectively using the app.

Push Notification

Push notifications are constantly send to various users. These are sent to parents on the basis of shifts. Parents will never receive unnecessary notification when not in shift timings. Alerts, emergencies, dangers, and info are some categories of push notifications.

Untracked Vehicles

Immediate notifications are sent to transport managers when a vehicle is not tracked. With the help of app, they will know whether it is due to hardware failure, data expiry, gray areas or some other reasons.