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Enabling Bus Drivers to Perform Efficiently

With the driver console app, drivers can better manage students in a school bus. It can help drivers perform several tasks such as marking attendance, planning routes, collaborating with transport managers, monitoring students from inside, and ensuring school bus safety.


Navigation planning

Drivers can plan each school bus trip with the console. Routes, number of stops in a single trip, etc. can be decided by the school bus driver. The shortest route can be chosen from the app, and routes can be designed accordingly.

Monitor Speed

When the school bus is moving too slow or fast, alerts received via driver console. The app gives an overall idea about the driving habits of each driver. Unsafe driving can be recognised very easily.

Live Cam-Feed

Drivers can view live cam-feed to monitor the whole school bus via the driver console app. This helps them to monitor a bus without leaving the driver cabin. It's time-saving, convenient and safe.

View Details

Using the driver console app, driver can view trip route, pick up and drop for each school bus trip, complete list of students boarding or de-boarding the bus, leave of students, attendance details, receive notifications of transport managers, etc. Also they can play audio by connecting it to the bus audio system.

Pickup Point Optimization

Pickup point of students can be updated according to convenience in the driver console app. These can be set as per the user's wish. It can be very helpful in reducing unnecessary trips, saving fuel etc.

Birthday Announcements

Student birthdays are announced via the driver console app. Drivers get to know about it and wish them. This can make bus trips interesting and enjoyable for children

Trip Planning

A scheduled or instant trip can be planned easily using the app. Drivers do not have to memorize routes, pick up and drop points, and student details. These details are provided by the tracking system. The trip is marked complete only when all the student gets unboarded from the school bus.


Real-time notifications are send via the app. The notifications regarding pick-up point location update, and students who are on leave are notified through the app.