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Driver Console App

A New Go-To for School Bus Drivers

Are you a school bus driver? If yes, then ensuring student safety in the school bus is one of your remarkable responsibilities. Considering this, we, TrackSchoolBus introduce “Driver Console App”.

With the app, you can manage students easily in a school bus. The app also helps you in performing several other tasks such as communication with transport managers, marking attendance, etc.

Key Features

Navigation Planning

With the Driver Console App, you can decide routes, pickup points in a single trip etc. According to this, you can choose the shortest route from the app and routes can be designed accordingly.

Monitor Speed

The app can track the speed of school bus as it gives complete details about your driving behaviour. This will help identify the unsafe driving.

View Details

The app will help you to view details such as trip route, pick up and drop down points, list of students boarding or de-boarding bus, students’ attendance details, leave details, notifications from transport managers, etc.

Live Cam-Feed

With this app, you can view the inside and outside of school bus via live-cam anytime anywhere. This is time-saving and safe.

Birthday Announcements

With the app, you will come to know about every student’s birthday and can wish them accordingly. This makes school bus journey more interesting and delightful.

Pickup Point Optimization

With this feature, student’s pick up point can be updated instantly depending on the user’s wish. This can reduce unnecessary trips etc.

Trip Planning

With this app, instant or scheduled trip can be planned easily. It will mark the trip completed only when everyone gets un-boarded at his/her respective stops. And you do not have to remember the route, pick up and drop down points and student details as it will be provided by the tracking system.

Effective Communication

With this app, you can send messages to parents as well as school authorities in case of any emergency or if any unexpected delay happens. The app also allows the driver to receive audio messages from school authorities.

Mark Attendance

The app helps you to mark student attendance error-free and more accurately.


The app sends real-time notification regarding students’ pick up and drop down location update, leave details, etc.

So, are you interested in this amazing app?

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