Teacher App

Mark Student Attendance Easily

A simple way for teachers to know student presence and mark daily attendance. Integrated with the TrackSchoolBus system, this app helps to ensure additional safety for school bus travelling students.

Key Features

Two-Factor Attendance

Teachers can keep track of students who travel by school bus with this app and ensure their safety. Whenever a student gets down at the school from the school bus, the Transport Manager marks the student’s arrival at the school from Transport Manager App. This sends a notification to the Teacher App. Now, teachers know which students are inside the school premises. Once students start entering class rooms, teachers can mark attendance from the app.

Classroom Attendance & Attendance History

Apart from marking daily attendance, teachers can mark attendance separately for each period. The Teacher App maintains a track record of all attendance. It is available for you to check attendance history of any previous class/period without much effort by selecting the history. In case it is required, the app also allows you to check and edit period wise attendance.


As a teacher, you will receive notifications relevant to you regarding attendance, events, assessment, etc from the app.

Holidays and Events

It is quite often that you forget about the holidays and events during your busy teaching schedule. Having this app will help you remind this as it has a section showing holidays and events.

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