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School District Transport Software

Helping you provide safe and reliable transportation services in a fiscally feasible way

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Simplifying Management

The vast number of school buses and multiple providers present a lot of management difficulties. By defining proper user roles with well set hierarchy, the School District Transport Software ensures there is a proper structure that makes each user accountable. Every issue that arises are notified based on the set hierarchy and actions taken.


Problem Solving/Issue Management

Whenever there is a problem, such as a student missing, a bus breaks down etc, and even for parent concerns, the smart notification system notifies the concerned user and if actions are not taken within a pre-set timeframe, and problem is not addressed, escalation would happen in the form of notifications.


Online Bus Fare Collection

Manual collection of school bus fare can be very difficult if you are a School District. The TrackSchoolBus School District Transport Software simplifies the process with online payment integration, which is of the latest standards and highest security. Manual intervention is also possible if required.

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If you are part of a School District Transportation management, you might be facing many challenges related to managing school buses every day. The TrackSchoolBus School District Transportation Software has been created to help you tackle those challenges effectively.

  • Easier management
  • Safe & secure online payment
  • Well-defined user roles for accountability
  • Issue escalation system
  • Effective driver management and rating system
  • Student safety & security
  • Higher efficiency via optimized operations
  • Fewer manual resources required
  • Much better ROI

Why Opt For TrackSchoolBus School District Transport Software?

TrackSchoolBus marked as a leader in providing school bus tracking solution since 2014. We are passionate towards providing the top-notch quality service to our clients so as to maintain a trustworthy and long-term relationship. Our aim behind the service is to offer completely automated school transportation solutions to ensure effective fleet management and safety.









Our Features

Multiple User Profiles

With our software, you can create profiles for multiple users such as authorities, parents, transport manager, etc.

Real-time School Bus Updates

The School District Transportation Software provides you instant updates on school bus location, delays, inboard and off-board status of the student, etc.

Compatible with All Fleets

Whether it is a school van, mini bus or full-size bus, you can make use of the TrackSchoolBus School District Transportation Software as it is not dependant on the size of the vehicle.

Driver Management

With this software, you can analyse the performance of drivers which can be benefits to you as it helps improve safety, reorganize expenditure and enhance performance.

Command Centre

You can visualize every minute-to-minute updates about school bus on multiple screens under one roof.

Vehicle Inspection

This School District Transportation Software inspects your vehicle on a regular basis and gives you real-time updates.

Our Apps

Parent App

Stay connected with your school going children with our Parent App as it provides real-time location updates of your children and school bus.

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Transport Manager App

Do your fleet management task in a smarter way with our Transport Manager App as it helps you to manage fleets effectively.

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Fleet Manager App

With this app, fleet managers can view and effectively manage all the fleets assigned to them without any stress.

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Driver Console App

School bus drivers can perform their assigned tasks in a more efficient and smarter way. With this marking attendance, planning routes and many more can be done easily.

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Bus Attendant App

School bus attendants can manage school bus attendance, assign pick up and drop down points, etc easily with this app.

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Teacher App

A perfect way for teachers to know student presence & make attendance marking effortless.

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Yes, it is compatible with all types of vehicles such as vans, buses.
We are ready to respond to your suggestions or requirement and we will try our level best to get it updated at the earliest.
Yes, it is. We have taken certain precautions that are essential for your school.
Yes, you can install our software according to your needs. And you can track all the buses via web or mobile app.