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Two Factor Attendance

Two factor attendance is a unique feature exclusively available in our apps. What is two factor attendance? The student attendance is recorded and confirmed by two users, a parent (via a parent app) and the transport manager (via transport manager app) or bus attendant in case of bus attendant app.

How it works?

Step 1- Parent confirms that the kid left for school via the unique option available in the parent app

Step 2- Transport manager confirms that the child reached the school safely via transport manager app, in case of bus attendant app, bus attendant confirms it instead of transport managers

Step 3- School hours completed and the transport manager confirms the option via transport manager app that the child has boarded the school bus for the return journey. In case of attendant app, bus attendant confirms that the student boarded the bus safely

Step 4- Parents confirm that their kid reached home safely via the parent app

Step 5- Trip is completed successfully and the notification is sent to all the app users


  • Advanced safety for kids as two factor attendance serve as an insurance
  • Record student attendance instantly and is devoid of errors
  • Reduce the child missing cases
  • nvolve the participation of every user in recording the attendance of students


  • Real-time tracking
  • Instant alerts for emergency and mishaps
  • Flawless student attendance

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