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Artificial Intelligence Built-in


Auto Allocation

Helps allocate vehicles optimally depending on their capacity to your school bus routes automatically


Auto Optimization

Continuously optimize your routes considering ongoing changes in pickup points during term time


Auto Routing

Generate the most efficient route possible with existing data using our smart Auto routing algorithm

TrackSchoolBus Advantages



User friendly interface and app experience. Serves as centralized software for the schools.



Attractive features that helps you operate efficiently at a very reasonable price.


Exclusive Apps

All parties including transport manager, driver, parents and helper/attendant can get the app specially tailored to their needs.



Track School Bus tracking software can be integrated with any hardware.


Unique Value adding Features

You can download various reports and manage attendance. There are available options to customize the software according to your preferences.


Unique Hardware

GPS+RFID (Radio Frequency Identification for Kids) reader are integrated in same customized hardware.

How TrackSchoolBus Solutions Help Schools

Managing the school bus fleet and ensuring the safety of school students is a huge challenge for any school. A school bus tracking software provides assistance in ensuring student transportation safety and reduces parental anxiety regarding student safety.

It helps school transport managers to communicate better with school bus drivers, know the location of a school bus, receive instant warnings on traffic jams, weather conditions, and handle emergency situations immediately. School bus software features also help in managing school bus drivers and fleet vehicles in the most efficient way. TrackSchoolBus solutions support schools in managing their transportation effectively:

  • Convenient and impose greater control over technology
  • Streamline school bus routing and scheduling
  • Real-time GPS student tracking anytime from anywhere
  • School bus attendance using the face recognition feature, RFID cards or MIFARE RFID cards
  • Handle truant and tardy students efficiently
  • Provide peace of mind to school authorities and parents
  • Receive instant notifications and alerts
  • Keep drivers focused on the road
  • Create and obtain reports with accurate details
  • Lower fuel costs and overall school transportation expenses
  • Provide valuable information on time through school bus tracker apps

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