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    What is the Average Size of a School Bus?


    The school bus is a mode of transportation, used by students to travel to their respective schools. The school bus should also ensure high safety for students.

    Most of us have enjoyed being on a school bus as it gave us a ground to stand with our friends throughout the journey, to play ice and water, to fight with our juniors and so on. This was the first place where we enjoyed the freedom of being independent.

    Apart from all these freedoms, we were actually not that safe then, as we had never used seat belts and there were days when we didn’t use to get a seat to settle.

    Well, do you know the size of a school bus? Do you know that it’s illegal to stand on a bus? Do you know the safest seat for your child on a school bus? No. right?

    In real we were dumb about many things regarding a school bus. Isn’t it?

    So, it’s mandatory for us to have an idea of it. Here are our common queries:

    • How Long and Wide should a Normal School Bus be?

    The length of a normal school bus is about 35 feet high and 8-9 feet wide, with a seating capacity of about 90 passengers, whereas small school buses are designed with an average height of 30 feet and a width of 6 feet.

    • What is the Window rule of a School bus?

    Just as we have a rule of thumb, we have a window rule for school buses, where each window of a school bus must be of dimension 7.5×2.5.

    With this, you can get an estimate of the total length of the bus. For example, if your school bus has 10 windows, then the average size of your bus will be 10×2.5×7.5.

    • How much weight can a School Bus hold?

    An average school bus can hold up to 8500 kg of weight. This is a rough estimate as it varies with the size of the bus.

    • What are the different sizes of School Buses?

    Primarily, they are classified into 3 on the basis of size:

    1. Mini School Bus

    average size of a school bus

    • Length: 20-25 feet
    • Easier to drive and park
    • Passenger capacity: 10-15
    • Mini-buses are smaller in size so yellow paint is not necessary.
    1. Mid-Sized School Bus:

    average size of a school bus

    • Length: 25-35 feet
    • It looks like full-sized buses, but are slightly shorter in size.
    • Conventionally designed
    • Passenger capacity: 54-78
    1. Full-sized school buses:

    average size of a school bus

    • Length: Above 35 feet
    • Passenger capacity: 72-90
    • Other names: Forward engine or Rare engine buses
    • Difficult to park

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    When it comes to choosing a school bus, a lot of doubts pop in our heads. Though there are many pros and cons for the different school buses, I hope that this article will help you to solve some of your doubts.

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