Simplified Setup with AI

Uniquely designed with smart AI !!!

Our system has integrated certain features using Artificial Intelligence. It can make things go systematic and error-free. Features like auto-optimization, auto routing etc work with AI.


Auto routing

It is challenging for transport managers to assign bus routes, vehicles etc by taking into consideration of seat availability, optimized routes etc. In our system all these are done using AI integrated feature- Auto routing. With this, the optimization, routed trips, vehicle assignments etc are done in an advanced manner.

Auto optimization

Optimizing the routes are always an advantage as it helps to reduce vehicle running time, driver and transport manager efforts, save fuel etc. In our system, we have introduced auto optimization feature to access the optimized routes possible. Thus, avoiding unnecessary travel, time and distance.

Auto allocation

It is tiresome for transport managers to allocate vehicles depending on the seating capacity, bus stops, number of students etc. So, to make this process easier, this feature automatically allocates the needed using artificial intelligence.

Auto data collection

Our system can efficiently collect all data including student details, bus boarding and pick up details etc to fetch the optimized routes, seat allocation etc. It reduces the manual workload and automizes data collection.

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