How Vehicle Maintenance Software Keeps School Buses Healthy


Proper and systemic school bus maintenance with advanced Vehicle Maintenance Software helps school districts to provide safe transportation for school children.

Whether you are managing a fleet of trucks, cars, school buses or any other vehicle, fleet management and maintenance has its own role to play.

Considering the case of a school bus, transportation needs to be safe to avoid any accidents and thus avoid further consequences.

For school districts that own a small or large fleet of buses, vehicle maintenance software will be of great help.

Fleet maintenance is a fresh and improved way of maintaining and managing vehicles. Right tracking and arrangement of data is crucial for the effective operation of a school bus.

Proper maintenance is important to track the fuel usage, tracking vehicle repair date and scheduling preventative maintenance.

With preventive maintenance (PM), regular inspections can be done which improves the condition of those buses and thus safe transportation for students.

According to the Michigan government, for safe transportation key components including expert repair staff, safety inspections as well as vehicle maintenance records system is critical.

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School buses are the key strength in running such an educational institution. Several challenges occur while maintaining these vehicles.

Fleet managers will often be concerned about tracking maintenance, shortage of drivers, fuel costs, and environmental concerns and secure transportation.


On-time maintenance works will help to reduce all unnecessary expenses. Meant to be well-suited for the various needs of fleet management, this software will help incomplete assessment of costs and it keeps track of all aspects of the school bus needs.

Users can also enjoy diverse benefits such as real-time insights for better management, enhanced driver safety, and consistent fleet performance.

Some of the top fleet maintenance software include upkeep, VMax Compass, Husky Intelligence, Fleet Harmony, TATEMS, InfoTrac Fleet, FleetFocus, Contele Fleet Tracking, and sure feet.

Most vehicle maintenance software comes with advanced features to perform diverse functions including

Management of Maintenance Activities

School bus management often records information of driver, buses and daily routes.

With advanced fleet maintenance software, vehicle maintaining staff can focus on repairs as well as preventive maintenance aspect of managing school buses.

You can also manage all sorts of activities such as keeping track of warranty data, work orders, parts management, maintenance schedules, and vehicle lifespan tracking.

Asset Tracking

Management of assets is a critical task of fleet management. From the initial purchase of school buses through its disposal, vehicle maintenance software helps to control every aspect of any vehicle, equipment, and other such assets within your institution.

With this software, users can allocate the order and information for all units and systems and components including assignments of location, repair and maintenance history, warranties of parts, fuel and oil usage, vehicle technical data, machine operating details and performance history.

With this wide array of information, the staff can also take control of the asset.

Fuel Management

Tracking fuel usage is critical to saving costs.

As increased consumption of fuel leads to increased expenses, it is crucial to make your staff be alert to the usage of fuel.

This vehicle maintenance software will provide clear information regarding this such as fuel level, temperature, speed, engine block, route direction, location and more.

The fleet manager would be able to track the details of all the vehicles in real-time and thus get a clear idea about how the vehicles are handled by your drivers.

Check how your vehicle’s fuel usage impacts the operating costs of school transportation. You can also note those high consumption vehicles and allot them accordingly.

GPS Tracking

Most software of this type comes with a GPS tracking facility, which increases the security of your buses.

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You can track where your school bus is and through which route this vehicle goes. The data management process will be much easier. You can also get reminders regarding your document’s clearances as well as permits.

Also, consider tracking route optimization and driver’s speed for better maintenance of your fleet.

vehicle maintenance software

GPS fleet tracking feature helps in detecting theft as well as the illegal usage of buses.

Tracking also helps in the recovery of any stolen vehicles. Managers can also keep track of the drivers they have employed.

Cloud-based software is also widely available that helps school bus fleet owners to manage fleet operations in a smooth way. Make sure that you are choosing software that is compatible with your fleet management requirement.

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