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Transport Service Provider FAQ

Yes. The system supports multiple school accounts which can be handled from a single point.
You can create a trip and add those schools as pickup/drop points.
E.g. In the morning trip, the starting point of a student may be their bus stop and drop point will be their school. You can add multiple schools as drop points for the morning trip itself. You can similarly set up trips in the evening as well.
First, you need to create the school accounts, vehicles, bus stops, routes, trips, etc. in your system.
Then, the parent can register in your website with their kid’s details like name, school, pick up location, drop location, trips (only pick up, drop or both) etc.
After successful creation of the parent profile, each parent will get a username and password to access the system. They can download the parent app (we provide both iOS and Android Apps) in their mobile and log in using the user credentials. Parents get push notifications just like WhatsApp or Facebook message notifications.
• Parent get instant notifications regarding the bus arrival, pickup or drop details of their kid(s).
• Attendance details (whether their kid reached the school or bus stop).
• Real-time tracking of the vehicle.
• Get announcement from the transport company.
• Can send/receive the message to the driver, and transport manager.
• Can pay the Bus fare through online from the mobile.
• Add Guardian list, so that the driver can make sure that the kid has reached in safe hands.
The Transport Manager can get live student statistics of the trip in their web application. It will show all details like which vehicle is running which trip, how many students are reserved for the trip, how many are sitting inside the vehicle, how many are already deboarded and the complete trip manifest.
The attendance can be done in two ways. The most convenient method is using the RFID card. Each student will get an RFID card with a unique number. While assigning student profile, the transport manager can assign the RFID card number to the student. This RFID card can be used as an ID card for the student. The student must tap their card on the RFID reader which is attached near the doorstep or with the driver to mark their attendance. The corresponding parents will get the notification as their kid board or deboard from the school or home. Another method is using the driver mobile application. The driver will have a mobile application from which they will get the complete trip manifest. When the student is boarded or deboarded, the driver/helper can mark the attendance from their mobile application.
The transport manager of the transport company manages the access rights of the school accounts. If the school is ready to create and manage the students, trips, vehicles, bus stops, etc. then the transport manager can allow access to create and manage their (school) account.

The Transport Manager can create the user roles and provide access rights as per need. If the school requesting access to the system so that they can manage the parent calls, then the Transport Manager can create a coordinator profile and grant access to view the vehicles, student details, trips details, etc assigned to that particular school.
If no student is assigned, then the transport manager can delete the unwanted bus stops, routes, etc. The transport Manager can search the bus stop in the system and make the modification.
Definitely. You can create shuttle trips using the system. You can create the route, bus stops, trip timing, and assign the vehicle and driver for that trip. You can assign the same shuttle trip to multiple vehicles as well.
The Transport Manager can create an instant trip with the available vehicle and driver, adding the incident location as the endpoint. The Driver will get the notification once the trip is created. So, he/she can take the vehicle and reach the incident point immediately. Where the driver app will navigate the driver to the location.

From there, they can transfer the students to a new vehicle and continue the trip.
There are many ways to handle bulk data as mentioned below.

Import Data: Our system provides the “Import” feature in every data entry section. You can download the spreadsheet format, enter the data accordingly and upload the file to the system. The instructions for the data import are also mentioned in the corresponding section.

Integrating with third-party ERP or Student Management System: If the school/Transport Provider uses any ERP or student management system, we can integrate our tracking system to that existing system. We provide open APIs for the integration purpose, thus making the integration process easier for the tech team of the existing ERP or school management system.
One of the main challenges faced by the transportation companies is managing the huge amount of data especially when it comes assigning/adding a vehicle, driver, bus assistant(if any), students to bus stops, bus stops, etc. It is time-consuming and there are a lot of chances of making mistakes.

We can eliminate this method by replacing it with an Auto Data Collection feature. In this method, all the assigning works like which vehicle will be driven by which driver on the trip in which route, where the bus stops are and who are boarding and deboarding in those bus stops, etc. everything is stored. Moreover, trips are created automatically as the system is AI in-built.

To achieve this, some data has to be entered into the system by the transport company which is as follows.
• The vehicle profile details along with the Tracking device information
• The Student details along with RFID Card details and those cards should be distributed to the respective students.
• The driver and bus assistant (if any) details along with their RFID card details.
• Trip details with the Trip card.

Consider the scenario. The vehicle is equipped with the tracker and RFID card reader. Let us consider a pickup trip. The driver and bus assistant need to swipe their ID card to confirm both of them has assigned to the vehicle. Then the driver swipes the trip card so that the system can identify the trip and he/she takes the trip.

As the vehicle moves, we will get the location updates. When the bus reaches the first bus stop, the students will enter by swiping their respective RFID card. You will get the student details, location and time of card swiping. Thus, that location will be considered as the bus stop for those students. All this data will be sent to the server. This process will continue until all the students are picked and dropped to school. The students are supposed to swipe their cards while de-boarding also.
After all, students are de-boarded; the driver must swipe the Trip card confirming the trip is finished and also swipe their id card to mark his attendance. Hence, we get the start and end time of trip. Repeat the same for drop trip as well. After a couple of complete trips, our system will generate the complete trips.

Transport manager do not have to create any trips. The system will generate the trip by creating the route automatically depending on the data saved in the system.
Yes, of course. We will provide the APIs to you for the integration.. If you want us to integrate, then we need the tech support of your management system’s providers/developers.
Yes. We already have basic user roles like Transport Manager, drivers, bus attendants and Parents, etc. Additionally, you can also create user roles as per your needs and control the access rights for those users.

E.g. School coordinator- Suppose you assign a person for a particular school who is responsible for handling all the queries from school or parents of that school, you can create a user role as ‘School Coordinator’ and provide the access to view that user.
Yes. Our system currently supports English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and French (for notification alone) languages. If you would like to have the system in your own language, we can definitely provide the language files. And you can translate it and send back to us, so that you can use the system in your language.
Yes, we do provide online support. It includes training, hosting, enhancing, bug fixing, etc. for our customers.

When our clients and partners call us, we make all reasonable attempts to support their needs. In such cases, we request clients to arrange travel expenses like visa, flight tickets and accommodations for the trainer. By agreeing to this, we understand that you value our time and that you are serious about the nature of a potential relationship.
We recommend buying hardware only from us. If you could procure the devices from your side, we can suggest the hardware model as well.
There are mainly two ways to assign the students to the bus stops as follows.

Traditional method: The assigning work is done manually by means of entering bus stop details to the student profile one by one, bulk importing to the system, ERP integration etc.
Advanced method: Using Auto Data Collection method, you can assign students automatically to their bus stops.
In such cases, parents can apply for a new ID card. Till the new card is assigned and issued to the corresponding student, attendance can be marked either manually or by using Green Card.
Transport Manager can assign the new card to the student using their mobile application. The mobile phone used by the Transport Manager should have the NFC feature for this process. The Transport manager can click on “Issue Card” in their menu, and select the student to whom the RFID card need to be assigned and swipe the card. The new card number will be shown in the mobile app, where he/she needs to click on update button. Now the new card number is assigned and can issue to the respective student.
Yes. We always look up for quality and standard of the product as well as the hardware used. We use both Indian and International standard hardware as per the customer requirements.

Eg, AIS 140 certified devices, UAE and Chinese Government certified devices and standards like RoHS, DNV-GL ISO 9001, IP 67, CE, FCC, PTCRB, etc.
The trip card is the RFID card assigned for each trip. In other words, the Trip card is a unique card assigned to each and every trip.

With this card, the transport manager can easily manage the emergency situation like

The driver took some emergency leave or couldn’t come to work. The transport manager can ask another driver to take the trip for that day.

All the new driver needs to do is swipe the trip card to their vehicle. And when the old driver comes back, he can switch the trip back as well.

The vehicle meets with an accident or gets a flat tire during the trip. The Transport manager can send another vehicle to that location.

Then the driver has to swipe the trip card in the new vehicle so that the system can identify the trip and can complete the trip successfully.
Creating an account can be done in less than 5 minutes.

(i) Data collection - The student, parent, driver, vehicle, etc.

(ii) Hardware ordering and Arrival- This will take some time for shipment and to reach the desired location.

(iii) Configuration and Installation part- We will send the installation guide and you can install the devices with the help of vehicle technician. We will help you with the configuration of the device.

Generally, 30 days is more than enough to implement and start our service in your region.
Yes. You can try the demo at your place. We will create a dedicated demo account for you. There are two options to do the real-time demo.

Using Mobile Application: You can use the “Driver Console” mobile app to track the vehicle and mark attendance. The advantage is we can start this demo very quickly.

Using Hardware: For this, you need to buy one or a set of hardware from us. We will ship the devices to your location. And also will provide the support to configure the device and detailed installation guide documents to you.

You can configure the device and install the device with the help of a vehicle technician. Now, you are ready to try our system in real time scenario.

The ideal procedure is
• You can register for a free demo from our site Demo. You can try the features and the UI of our system.

• If you need a detailed walkthrough, feel free to contact us to schedule a demo with our customer executive.

• It will be easy for you to try the demo in your dedicated demo account either using mobile application or hardware.
We are providing you with the options to start a partnership with us.

Franchisee Partnership: In this partnership, you can provide these services to your customers but need to use our Brand name. There will be a franchisee license fee and a monthly subscription (per vehicle per month) for hosting and support. This is ideal for beginners who are into providing transportation and are handling one to five school customers.

Managed White Label Partnership: In this partnership, you can provide the services in your OWN BRAND. The web and mobile application will be rebranded in your brand name. There will be the Managed White Label cost. The hosting will be done on our server. You will have the managerial access to create and manage your customers. We will charge per month for a bus for hosting and supporting. This is ideal for beginners and medium scale transport providers having five to ten school customers.

Enterprise White Label Partnership: This is the high-end version of partnership. You can provide the services in your OWN BRAND. All the web and mobile application will be rebranded in your brand name. Unlike the managed white label, you can host the system in your own server and maintain it from your side. We can provide the support based on AMC- Annual Maintenance Contract. This is ideal for the leaders in this business who has a long experience and a good number of school customers.

For more details contact us!
No. We also have a mobile application based tracking system. The driver can use “Driver Console App.”

Driver Console: TrackSchoolBus driver console application is for Driver. The main goal of the application is to keep track of all students who are travelling in the school bus. The application is compatible with the mobile and tablet resolution.

This application serves the following features:

• Easy assigning of new pickup points
• Effortless updates of pickup points
• Sound output is possible by connecting the mobile device to speakers
• Notification of the next pick up
• Marking student attendance while getting in and down from the bus is easier
• Contact and address of the students are available
• Instant message alert service
• Driver gets the direction of the whole trip
• Receive notifications sent by Transport Manager

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Yes. We have the option for it, and we call it “Command Center.”

The command center is where a Transport Manager can have a comprehensive view of all the fleet related activities. Transport manager can stream the information continuously on big screens for monitoring school buses and children, sending notifications, alerts if required, etc.

Advantages of a Command Center

• Monitor bus through Live Video Streaming

• Ensure safe driving practices

• Alerts for over speeding, over acceleration or sudden braking

• Increase bus efficiency through improved driver monitoring

• Reduce driver complaints – No route deviations, skipped stops, unwanted delays

• Optimize vehicle operations to reduce costs

• Manage complete fleet operations

You can assign a parking slot for the vehicles so that the vehicles can be parked in their assigned parking slot. It allows the Transport Manager to check whether the driver parked school vehicle in their allotted parking slot or not. This feature helps to avoid misuse of the vehicle by the driver.

Parking slot attendance: You can mark student as well as parking slot attendance to ensure whether the vehicles are in their assigned parking slots or not. The Transport Manager can set the attendance time in general settings so that the system will get the location data and parking slot details of the vehicles. This allows the Transport Manager to check whether all the vehicles are parked in the place where they are supposed to be parked.

Parking Slots Auto Suggest and Auto Approval: You can set a minimum number of vehicles in an area to consider it as a parking slot in general settings so that the system can suggest the parking slots for the vehicles based on their regular parking location data.

For example: Suppose, you created a parking slot for one vehicle and the vehicle is parked somewhere else nowadays (Say 500 m far from the actually created slot.) then the system will create and assign the new parking slot for that vehicle. You can set a number of suggestions/anomalies to create the new parking slots. Everything is done automatically.

If a student forgets his/her ID card; their attendance can be marked in two ways.

Using Mobile Application: Either the driver or the bus assistant can use their mobile application to mark the attendance or can access the trip manifest from their mobile and mark the attendance manually. The corresponding notification will be sent to the parent as the attendance was not marked by the student because he/she forgot to bring the ID card. This will help the parent to be careful next time.

Using Green Card: If the student forgot his/her ID, the driver or bus attendant can use the green card to mark student attendance. The parent of the particular student will receive the notification as the attendance was marked by the driver/bus attendant and not by the student because he/she didn’t bring their ID card. This will make parent more careful next time.

Yes. The transport provider has many vehicles so if any school need dedicated vehicles, the transport provider can dedicate those vehicles to that school. And if the school can manage their trip schedules, the transport provider can provide the access rights to the school and can track their vehicles as well.