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School Bus Safety Rules of Nagaland

  • All school buses should have the relevant documents such as pollution under control certificate, certificate of fitness, license etc.
  • School bus should be painted with yellow colour
  • A hoarding should be placed in front of the bus indicating “ School Bus” or “On School Duty”
  • Every school bus should display the school name and its contact details both on the front of a bus and on its rear side
  • There should be carriers fitted on the roof of a bus for keeping bags safely
  • In every school bus, there should have a detailed list of students, their address, contact number and their blood group which is useful for handling emergencies
  • It is necessary to have a first aid box and a fire extinguisher inside the school bus
  • The windows of every school bus should have horizontal grills in it for better student safety
  • School bus doors should have a strong locking system
  • A female school bus attendant is essential for every school bus and any guardian or parent can be allowed to accompany school children for ensuring their safety


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