School Bus Safety Rules of Chhattisgarh

  • School buses should be regularly maintained, cleaned and its doors must be fitted with a
    safe locking system
  • No curtains or colored films should be stuck on school bus window
  • A school bus should have essential documents such as pollution control certificate,
    insurance certificate and bills showing payment of taxes
  • No school bus should be more than 12 years old
  • If a bus is hired for transporting school students, it should be labelled as “On School Bus
    Duty” in front of the bus
  • A horizontal grill must be fixed on every school bus window to ensure better safety
  • Every school bus should have a fire extinguisher and first aid kit
  • School bus attendants should be received appropriate training for handling emergency
    situations and use first aid kit appropriately
  • A school bus driver must have license and minimum five years of experience in driving
    heavy vehicles
  • No outsider shall be permitted to enter a school bus apart from students, guardian,
    teacher and drivers
  • Students should be provided with sufficient space under the school bus seat for keeping
    bags safely
  • School bus should be painted with yellow colour and the word school bus should be
    inscribed in a visible manner
  • Every school vehicle should be operated within a particular speed limit
  • Emergency doors must be fitted on the right side of a school bus


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