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School Bus Software

In this new age, parents are concerned more about their child’s safety, so parents look for schools which provide more than quality education, teaching staff and commodity.

Keeping this in mind schools are bound to implement the school fleet management system to manage their school bus routing, tracking, and maintenance. With the range of fleet management software available in the market, this problem can be easily tackled.

With the impact of technology on all major sectors including schools it has been a smooth ride for different software to make it in the market. Typical fleet management software will have

  • Several apps for its various users
  • Real-time location of the school bus
  • Manifest of the trip details

Some of the major transport providers even offer AI features which makes them unique and leaders in this field. There are a lot of fleet management software providing services for

  • Schools
  • District Schools
  • Transport providers

The advantages of having this software are

  • Distinct Features
  • Assured Safety
  • Unique Hardware
  • Exclusive Apps
  • Multiple Users

Fleet management features which are trending today are,

AI Features

 For transport managers, School Bus optimization and routing presents challenges such as balancing the load of each bus, optimizing bus routes, optimizing operational cost by limiting travel time etc. For this several features are developed like,

Auto Routing

Auto-routing applications are provided in the system to generate optimized routes based on the data collected automatically.


Auto-optimization algorithms are capable of creating optimised routes based on the real-time data obtained from a trip

Auto allocation

Auto allocation algorithm can make full use of your available fleets efficiently and productively. The algorithm allocates the right vehicle on the basis of the capacity of the bus on a route. 

Auto Data collection

This feature is able to obtain complete trip details such as Driver/Attendant/Bus allocation, pick up or drop point during the initial trip automatically and manifest the details for future references.

 Auto Data Updating

The system is able to identify new changes from the daily routine of a trip like a new passenger or change in boarding/descending point or change in travel route. The software is able to save the changes automatically.

Auto Data optimisation

The system is featured to improve the efficiency of the fleets on the basis of the collected data. The program creates an optimized trip by allocating the appropriate bus on the demanded route, thus reducing the management costs of the fleet.

Duty Roster

This feature helps you to clearly schedule, define and divide the task amongst the fleet members.

Command Center

This feature provides a command center which is organized to gather, analyze, process, propagate planning and operational data and perform other related tasks and display every function on multiple screens.

Onboard Wi-Fi Management

This feature provides students with free Wi-Fi in buses en route in order to research study materials or get access to their social networks for school purposes.

On-Demand Trips

This feature is implemented so that parents can make temporary transportation for private reasons, the applicant can look up available seats on the buses running en-route and book accordingly.

Online fare collection

With this feature in hand parents, employees, schools, and organizations can make the payment via the app from anywhere anytime, which is less time to consume, more secure and reliable because the system automatically records the transaction details which is fast and affordable.


By utilizing this feature transaction reports like Payment failure\Collection\Pending reports are generated.

Card Management

The system comes with a number of cards like

RFID Cards

Short for Radio frequency identification RFID cards are specialized for tracking students. Parents and concerned people can keep track of their child’s whereabouts 24×7.


Along with their respective ID cards, school bus drivers are also given a trip card which contains the entire information of a trip. Trip cards come to great use when the designated driver is absent for a day and must be sufficed by a stand-in.

Auto-ID Cards

Drivers, Bus attendants, and students are given an auto – Id card which contains details like name, age, description, Boarding/descending point etc.

Other features

Excursion Management

With the help of this special feature Excursion trips are made easier, Transport providers handout smart bands to students who are going to the excursion trip. Embedded with geo-fencing features the smart bands send out alerts about the location changes of the students.

Parking Management

With this feature, transport providers can track their fleets even when they are not moving. The Providers can check whether their fleets are parked at the allotted slot or not.

Trip Management

This feature assign fleets to their respective trips based on the availability and capacity. Auto Routing/ Allocation/ Optimisation and real-time tracking of the fleets are all comprised inside this module.

Driver Management

Transport providers can keep a driver ranking system using the driver management feature. Providers can monitor and rank the drivers based on daily attendance, performance, driving skills and their day to day interaction with their co-workers and passengers.

Vehicle Inspection

The bus attendant app is provided with a checklist to mark the condition of different bus parts such as Lights/Tyres/Oil levels/Engine maintenance etc. The inspection can be done regularly on the time period transport providers prefer.


Tracking application enables parents and school authorities to track the real-time location of a school bus from anywhere. Major transport software provides applications for multiple users to perform various operations.

Parent App

With this app, parents can know about the complete whereabouts of their children all the time. Parents can make payment and apply leaves using this application.

Teacher App

This app provides teachers to ensure safety to school bus travelling students. Student attendance and manifest of the attendance history can be marked using this app.

Driver Console App

Provided to the drivers this app can be effectively used to manage school trips. Other from trip management the app points out a real-time location and allow a seamless interface to communicate with parents and teachers and managers.

School Bus Attendant App

Bus attendants with this app can assist bus drivers in trip management and mark student attendance from the bus. This app also views the drop point and boarding point of students.

Fleet Manager App

With this app in hand, Fleet Manager can track their fleets 24/7, manage bus drivers/assistants and productively deal with fleet management challenges easily and efficiently.

Transport Manager App

This app helps transport providers to manage their fleets without any hassle. Transport managers can assess operational aspects of school transportation, execute transportation budget and ensure school bus safety, plan etc.

Even though effective school fleet management requires the administration of transport managers and school bus drivers, the advancement of technology can overcome the most complicated and liable factors of fleet management.

 Implementing a distinct school bus software to your fleets can ensure productive and effective management of your entire fleet.