School Bus Safety Rules of Sikkim

  • All the school buses must be painted with yellow colour
  • It is essential to write the word “School Bus” on the front and back of a school bus and if it is a hired bus “ On School Duty” must be shown in a visible manner in front of it
  • The name of the school and its contact details should be displayed both on the front and rear side of a school bus
  • School bus windows should have horizontal grills fitted to it and doors should have a reliable locking system
  • Every school bus must be installed with speed controlling devices and GPS device
  • A fire extinguisher and a first aid kit must be kept inside the school bus
  • It is necessary to have a school bus attendant to take care of school children
  • Each school should have a transport manager or coordinator for solving issues related to school transportation
  • The school authorities should conduct a regular health check up for school bus drivers
  • For keeping students’ bags safely and conveniently, space should be provided to them under seats


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