School Bus Safety Rules of Madhya Pradesh

  • School bus should display the name of the school or educational institution and contact number that is not expired
  • “School Bus” must be inscribed on the back and front of the bus and if it is a hired one, “On School Duty” should be shown in front of the bus
  • There should be a First Aid box with adequate medicines and a functioning fire extinguisher with ISI marking inside the school bus
  • All school bus windows should have horizontal grills in it
  • Every school bus should undergo regular maintenance and it should be replaced at the right time after expiration date
  • No school buses are allowed to carry children more than it is permitted
  • It is necessary to provide space underneath the school bus seats for keeping students’ bags safely
  • A school bus attendant is necessary in every school bus
  • School bus doors should have a firm locking system with alarms indicating that a door is open
  • Any guardian or parent can accompany school bus students throughout the trip for improved safety


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