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    School Bus Safety Rules of Goa

    • Every school bus should be painted in Yellow colour and the word School Bus should be displayed in front of the bus.
    • When a vehicle is hired for transporting school students, On School uty should be made visible to everyone
    • A vehicle used as school bus should not be more than 15 years old from the date of its initial registration
    • School authorities should have a complete list of students with their name, address, class, contact number, blood group, pickup point etc.
    • Along with a driver, school buses should also have an attendant, preferably a female one to take care of the girl students
    • In emergency situations, school bus driver and attendant should inform the relevant school authorities to make necessary arrangements and ensure student safety
    • If a parent fails to pick a kindergarten student from the bus stop, school bus attendant should return the child back to school. After that school authorities should contact the parent to collect their child from school, till then the complete safety of that kid is the responsibility of school authorities
    • There should be a convex cross view mirror that enables a driver to watch the entrance door and exit door of a school bus
    • A handrail should be there in every school buses to help school children get on and off the bus
    • Every school bus should have a first aid box, fire extinguisher, space under the seat to keep bags of students, warning lights
    • A school bus driver should have at least 5 years of experience of driving
    • The school bus should have a closed body with full steel body
    • School authority should give punishments to drivers for offences such as drunken driving, overspeeding, dangerous driving etc.
    • All school buses should satisfy the requirements specified by Government
    • Every four wheeler with a seating capacity of more than twelve used for carrying school children must have a board indicating school name and its route number


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