School Bus Safety Rules of Punjab and Haryana

  • School Bus should be written on the back and front of every bus transporting school
  • If it is a leased bus, “ON SCHOOL DUTY” should be made visible on the school bus
  • No school bus should carry children exceeding its permitted seating capacity
  • A first-aid-box and a fire extinguisher should be there inside every school bus
  • Every school bus windows should have horizontal grills and doors should be fitted with
    reliable lock
  • School bus should have its name and telephone number
  • School bus drivers must possess a minimum experience of five years in driving heavy
  • Apart from drivers, there must be another relevant authority in every school bus as per the
    Rule 17 of Motor Vehicle Rules
  • There should be space provided under the seats for keeping school bags safely
  • A teacher or any school authority should accompany from the school in the bus to ensure
    safety norms
  • Vehicle such as bus, van, or any other transport should be allowed to carry school children
    if there is a proper permit
  • All the school buses shall be road worthy, carry annual fitness certificate and insurance
  • All school bus conductors and drivers shall wear proper uniform and name; and have
    license number of the said driver and conductor
  • The bus driver shall have a proper and valid license at the time of
  • Every school buses should possess a valid pollution under control certificate
  • The school buses are not allowed to exceed the speed of maximum 50 KMPH anywhere in
    the city
  • Every school buses shall carry a board displaying the name of the school, route and
    timings on the front of the bus
  • There should be proper control for managing the traffic in and around the school in every
    educational institutions
  • There must be a record showing name, home address along with telephone number of
    school bus driver
  • School bus should be regularly inspected by school authority
  • Every school bus drivers should have at least 5 years of driving experience.
  • The bus driver should not have been charged for more than three times in traffic violations
  • All School buses should have a conductor or an attendant. And the attendant should
    receive proper training to handle the young children
  • All schools should have proper parking area
  • The conductors and drivers of the school buses shall attend a refresher course at least
    once in two years which is arranged by the Transport Department
  • School bus drivers should be subjected to fitness tests


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