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School Bus Safety Rules of Telangana

  • Every school bus should be displayed with its name, contact number etc. on the left side
    of it
  • A driver more than 60 years of age should not be appointed as school bus drivers and
    they should have a minimum experience of 5 years in driving
  • School authorities should regularly check the health condition of every school bus drivers
  • The management must make sure that license submitted by drivers is verified by RTA
  • Every school bus should have an emergency exit and it should be visible to school bus
  • A First aid box with essential medicines and equipments must be provided to every
    school bus
  • There should be a proper parking place for school buses inside the school premises
  • An attendant should be there inside every school bus. But, they should never be allowed
    to drive the bus
  • Both drivers and attendants should wear uniforms as prescribed by the Transport
  • A school bus should also have fire extinguisher, dry power beside engine department and
    provision for keeping bags safely
  • The school management should conduct safety lessons every year with approval from
    Transport Department of Telangana
  • Every school buses should be provided with hand rails for safe entry and exit of students



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