School Bus Safety Rules of Andhra Pradesh

  • School name, address, and contact details should be displayed both on the left side and back of the school bus
  • The age of a school bus driver should not exceed 60 years and they should undergo various health tests
  • School authorities should appoint only those drivers who have 5 years of experience in driving the school bus
  • School buses should be inspected regularly by the school authorities
  • Every school bus should have emergency exit and it should be visible to everyone inside the bus
  • First aid box along with essential medicines and equipments should be available in the school bus
  • There should be at least one attendant in a school bus. But they should not be allowed to drive the bus
  • The school bus driver as well as attendant should wear uniform as suggested by Transport Commissioner of Andhra Pradesh
  • A complete list of students along with their name, address, class, and destination should be kept inside the bus
  • Convex view mirrors should be installed in the bus so that drivers can watch the entrance and exit properly
  • Every school bus should have a fire extinguisher, space for keeping bags of students, flash lights on each corner of the bus etc.
  • School bus drivers should receive appropriate training before entering into the employment
  • The school bus doors should have a safe locking system for improving student safety
  • School buses should not carry children more than its seating capacity
  • Handrails should be fixed near the doors for safe entry and exit of students


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