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School Bus Safety Guidelines of Lebanon

  • Students should behave in the school bus same as that they behave in classroom
  • No obscene language should be used inside a school bu
  • Eating and drinking is not allowed in the school bu
  • Ensure that school bus is kept clean and tid
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the school bu
  • Students should keep their head, hands and feet inside the school bu
  • School bus drivers should assign seats to each studen
  • Every school bus driver should make sure that students are dropped safely when they leave the
  • Tobacco products are a taboo inside school buses
  • Students should remain seated while the bus is in motion
  • School buses should be maintained and operated according to state law
  • Transportation department and school principal should regularly monitor school transportation activities
  • No drivers with previous record of criminal offences should be appointed as school bus driver
  • All school bus driver must ensure that no child is left behind the school bus before they leave the bus
  • No children should be allowed to retrieve the dropped item near a school bus without driver's permission
  • School bus driver should supervise the student in crossing the road safely
  • Strict action must be taken against a child who misbehaves on the school bus
  • Every school bus driver must count the students during loading and unloading the bus
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