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School Bus Safety Guidelines of USA

  • School bus should be heavier than other vehicles and the passenger compartment should exceed the impact zone of other vehicles
  • School bus should be designed in such a way that it protects student from side impact caused by accidents
  • There should be an emergency exit in the school bus that helps to evacuate students easily and quickly
  • Every school bus should have special padded seats that ensure safety of students
  • It is essential to paint school bus with yellow color and the word “School Bus” should be displayed both on the front and rear side of the bus
  • Every school bus driver should possess a Commercial Driver's License with a School Bus Endorsement and should receive training for school bus driving, unloading or loading procedures of student, student evacuation, handling emergency situation etc.
  • Every school bus driver should compulsorily undergo frequent driver record checks, alcohol and drug testing, medical fitness, physical performance testing etc.
  • School bus vehicle should carry out annual inspection that ensures safe operating condition
  • No strangers are allowed to accompany students in the school bus
  • There should be a large steel cage in the school bus that protects against crash impact and leakage
  • A school bus should compulsorily have stop arm, amber and red flashing lights, crossing arms, and crossview mirrors
  • Students are not allowed to stand in the danger zone around the school bus and they are also not permitted to throw waste inside and outside the school bus
  • Dangerous or hazardous objects are not permitted on the school bus
  • No food items or beverages are allowed on the school bus
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption is prohibited inside the school bus
  • Every school bus driver should receive 20- 40 hours of intense training, which is indeed followed by written exams and road test
  • Students are not allowed to cross behind the school bus and run after the bus
  • No profane language can be tolerated inside the bus
  • Seats should be assigned by school bus drivers
  • You should not proceed your vehicle until the children reached a place of safety
  • Other vehicles following a school bus should advance only when red lights in the school bus stop flashing, stoparm withdrawn and child reached safe destination
  • Students are not allowed to stand on the bus while the bus is in motion
  • School authorities should always carry out a pre-trip inspection and check for defects
  • Always make sure that children are unloaded in a safe place and should not allow them to exit from the bus without enabling safety equipment
  • Make students aware of school bus emergency procedures, safe loading and unloading procedures etc.