School Bus Safety Rules of Mizoram

  • Every school should have a transport committee to monitor school bus transportation
  • School principal should be responsible for safe transportation of students
  • The school management should provide adequate training for using fire extinguishers and First Aid kit twice a year
  • A female school bus attendant is necessary in every school bus
  • Every school bus should have a First Aid Box with essential medicines and it should be checked once in a month by school authorities
  • In every school bus, there should be a record showing details of students such as name, blood group, residential address and telephone number
  • There should be a fire extinguisher kept near emergency door of the school bus
  • A school bus should have relevant documents such as RTO papers, license, pollution under control certificate, insurance papers, etc.
  • No school bus should be allowed to carry children more than its seating capacity
  • Music should not be played inside a school bus
  • No toxic substances should be consumed by any school bus officials
  • When the bus is in motion, doors must always be kept closed for ensuring safety of passengers
  • School bus should be cleaned regularly and air freshner must be available on each bus




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