School Bus Safety Rules of Manipur

  • No school bus should carry children more than its seating capacity
  • Every school bus should have closed doors for safety of students
  • A relevant certificate of fitness, pollution under control certificate, bill for tax payment
    etc. should be there for every school bus
  • School buses should be painted with yellow colour
  • Name of the school or college and telephone number must be displayed in front and rear
    side of the bus
  • Sufficient space should be provided for students to keep bags either on the roof of a
    school bus or under seats
  • A list should be provided with names of student, blood group and contact details to every
    school bus drivers for handling emergency situations
  • Every school bus must have a first aid box in it
  • A device or system should be there to ensure interlocking of the sliding school bus doors
  • School bus drivers should have at least five years of experience in driving heavy
    vehicles, should wear uniforms and should not be blamed for traffic offences such as
    intoxicated driving, overspeeding etc.
  • No school bus should be permitted to run without an attendant
  • A school transport committee should be organized within the school for conducting
    regular meetings, maintain records of school bus students and assure school
    transportation safety


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