School Bus Safety Rules of Odisha

  • Every school buses should have an external colour of Golden Yellow
  • The word “School Bus” should be written both in front and rear top of a school bus and
    also school or college name should be clearly displayed at top of the front and rear ends
    and on both sides of the school bus
  • Handrails should be firmly fixed near steps of the school bus
  • School bus doors should have safe locking and unlocking system
  • There should be a grilled partition to separate driver’s cabin
  • All school bus seats should be fixed with sufficient bolts and nuts to the floor board
  • Every school bus window should be provided with horizontal steel bars
  • The word “ Emergency Exit” should be inscribed in red colour on a white background
  • A first aid box with essential equipments and medicines must be there inside a school bus
  • Two fire extinguishers with ISI marking should be present in every school bus
  • A school bus should be installed with a speed controlling device and GPS tracker
  • Every school bus should maintain a record containing details of student name, their
    blood group, contact number etc.
  • School buses should have the relevant documents such as road permit, license, fitness
    certificate etc.
  • A female attendant is necessary for a school bus carrying girl students. At the bus stops,
    attendant should get down the bus and help the student to get on and off the school bus
  • No driver or school bus attendant shall be below 21 years and above 50 years


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