School Safety Guidelines of Puducherry

  • Walk only on the pathway and if it is a road without pathway, walk on the right
    hand side of the roads
  • Never run or rush on the road
  • Cross only on green lights and at zebra crossings
  • At the time of crossing a wide road, always cross in two section. In the first section,
    cross straight to the island carefully and in the second section, cross when the road is
  • Do not cross the road at a curve, as drivers may not be able to notice in time
  • Hold on to the handrail, especially when a moving bus takes a sharp turn
  • Never sit or stand on the footboard of the bus
  • Never put any part of the body outside a school bus window
  • Parents should properly take care of their children, while dropping their children
  • Children should have proper awareness on road safety rules
  • Every school bus should have a teacher for controlling students and maintaining
    discipline inside the bus
  • If any children violates the traffic laws, teachers should report it to concerned
    Principal or Traffic police
  • School buses should be checked regularly regarding necessary safety requirements
  • Children should be given adequate supervision while boarding the bus
  • Teachers are responsible to arrange an alternative bus and put children together, if
    a bus fails to arrive or if there is any issue
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