School Bus Safety Rules of Bihar

  • The word “ School Bus” must be written on the front and back of the bus. And if it is a hired one, “On School Duty” should be displayed in front of the bus that is visible to every one
  • Every school bus should have closed doors with alarms and reliable lock system. If the door is open , then the alarm makes a shrilling noise to give warning to drivers
  • A school bus should be installed with CCTV cameras for ensuring safety of students
  • There should be 3 adults in a school bus including a trained driver, a lady attendant and a conductor
  • No private vehicle should be used to transport children to and from school
  • Each school must have a Transport Committee, which consist of the School Principal, Transport manager and two parents or guardians
  • A school bus should have a First Aid Box and a fire extinguisher
  • Every school bus should have horizontal grills attached to its windows
  • School bus name and contact details should be displayed on the bus
  • There should be sufficient space provided to students for keeping bags safely
  • For additional safety, teachers or guardian can accompany students in the bus
  • Suggestions and grievances should be given to respective school’s transport manager


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