School Safety Guidelines of Rajasthan

  • Always try to walk on the pathway. In the case of roads without pathway, walk on the right hand side of the roads
  • Use zebra crossings to cross the road and cross only when the signal shows green
  • Do not run or hurry on the road
  • Never sit, stand or travel on footboard of the bus
  • No body part should be shown outside the school bus
  • There should be a fire extinguisher, first aid box etc. in every school bus
  • A reliable lock must be fitted in every school bus and a horizontal grills should be there in every school buses
  • School name and its telephone number must be written on the school bus
  • A parent or a teacher should be appointed in the school bus to ensure student safety
  • “On School duty” should be written and displayed on a vehicle, if it is a hired bus


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