School Safety rules of Maharashtra

  • There should be a seperate committee for dealing with the issues related to school bus transportation. The committee should include School Principal, a PTA representative, bus administrator, police official, motor vehicle inspector, education inspector and all the relevant authorities
  • School Principal should be responsible for school bus safety of students
  • The school authorities should conduct a training regarding the usage of First Aid and fire extinguisher in the beginning of every academic year
  • Every schools should appoint Traffic Wardens to administer traffic and assure safety of children during school hours
  • There should be appropriate road markings and road signs near every schools with the permission from traffic police
  • School authorities should make proper arrangements to ensure safe boarding of the school children from any vehicle
  • All school bus drivers must undergo various health tests conducted by a qualified doctor
  • Every school buses should possess insurance approved by a reputed insurance company
  • A lady attendant should be there in every school buses for the safety of girl students
  • There should be a first­aid ­box with necessary medicines and equipment in every school buses
  • Every school buses should have details about students along with their contact numbers for handling emergency situations
  • No seats that block the emergency doors shall be permitted
  • School buses shall not carry children more than the specified capacity of the buses
  • No music shall be played inside the school bus
  • No smoking or alcohol consumption by the school bus staffs
  • Doors of the school bus must be closed while it is in motion


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