School Bus Safety Rules of Daman and Diu

  • Every school bus should be painted with yellow colour
  • “School Bus” should be clearly indicated on the front and back of the bus
  • There should be a speed governor in every school bus with a speed limit of 40km/hr
  • If the students’s age is below 12 years old, the number of children should not surpass 1 1/2 times the allowed seating capacity
  • School bus driver should have a valid license for a period of at least four years
  • Space should be provided to students for keeping their bags safely
  • A complete list of students with their name, address, blood groups, and pickup point should be kept in a school bus
  • A first aid box and a fire extinguisher should be kept in a school bus
  • There should be a bus attendant in every school bus
  • A parent, guardian, or a teacher can travel in a school bus for ensuring better student safety
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