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School Bus Safety Rules of Chandigarh

  • All school buses must be painted with yellow colour
  • The word “School Bus” must be shown on the back and front of the bus. “On school duty” must
    be mentioned on the front of the bus if it is hired.
  • Every school buses should have a First aid box and a fire extinguisher with them
  • Buses should be fitted with equipments that regulate vehicle speed
  • There should be horizontal grills fitted on every school bus windows
  • School name and contact details should be displayed on the bus
  • School bus doors should have reliable locks
  • Space should be provided to keep the bags safely
  • A qualified attendant should be there to manage the students in the bus
  • School bus drivers should have a minimum experience of five years and must be punished for
    offences such as threatened driving, over speeding, intoxicated driving etc.

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