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14 Most Read TrackSchoolBus Blogs of 2016

Thursday January 5, 2017



2016 has been an eventful year here at trackschoolbus as we strived hard to create child road safety awareness among the masses. People from around the globe were interested and their interest in reading our blog was proof of this. 

Below is a list of blogs that held the interest of our readers through the year. 

1. 10 Important Road Safety Rules to Teach Your Children – One of the most popular blogs in the year 2016, this blog talks about the essential road safety rules for children. Road safety is an emerging issue as the number of vehicles on the road keep on increasing every day. Students represent the future of a nation and hence rules should be taught to them. This blog tries to impart valuable information to ensure student safety education

2. Top 10 School Bus Companies – Maybe it is the curiosity to know which bus company is actually the best or it might be the surprise that there are actually companies that specialize in making school buses. Either ways, this was one of the most read blogs the past year. The popularity of this blog might also indicate that a lot of people are interested in 'branded school buses'. 

3. 10 Cool School Bus Games – Its no surprise this blog became popular. Bus games are interesting not just to students, but also to transport managers and drivers. The games do help in keeping the students engaged and distracts them from involving in other activities. School authorities were certainly busy trying to find methods by which school bus journey would become entertaining for kids.

4. 12 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About GPSGPS systems have slowly but steadily stamped its influence over various fields of everyday life. This blog has been a long time favourite of our readers. It was originally written in early 2015. A significant number of visitors still arrive every day to read it. The interesting title certainly helps.

5. 20 Must-know School Bus Safety Tips for School Bus Drivers – School bus drivers are responsible for safely transporting students to school. But unfortunately, they don't get their due often. From the popularity of the blog, it is clear that people want to know as much as possible about the safety guidelines for school bus drivers.

6. 10 Important Points on Student Road Safety and Suggestion for Improvements – Most students are unaware about road safety and it may be the reason why the blog got such popularity. A number of accidents happen not on the bus but while on the road. The blog discusses the most important aspects of road safety and even offers some suggestions to improve road safety.

7. 25 School Bus Safety Tips For Kids – A child's safety is given highest priority by parents and school authorities. This blog offered school bus safety tips for students, parents, and other vehicle users safe around school buses. It is in fact a must read if you know a kid.

8. How Well Do You Know about School Bus Dimensions? – Indeed school bus dimensions have an important role to play if you are planning to start a school bus business. Proper dimensions helps ensure safety to students during a crash or other accidents. People may be unaware of the appropriate school bus dimensions recommended for student safety. This blog gives an idea about the required school bus dimensions. 

9. Scope of RFID School Bus Tracking Systems in Security Measures at Schools – RFID school bus tracking system gives peace of mind to parents as well as school authorities. RFID school bus tracking is approved by many schools to ensure better student safety and the popularity of the blog shows readers' interest in knowing the scope of this innovative technology.

10.  Safety Issues of School Bus Rides and their Solutions – Even though school bus is said to be one of the safest transportation for school students, there may be several issues associated with a school bus ride. It is a good idea to know these issues and take proper measures against it for ensuring better student safety. 

11.  6 Awesome Technologies Used in Modern School Buses – Technology is progressing everyday and it enhances the quality of people's lives.  Each year school buses get  new technologies for better student safety. It is evident from the blog popularity that people are obviously curious about awesome technologies that can be implemented in modern school buses.

12.  Importance of School Bus Safety Tips –  Millions of children transport to school via yellow school buses. Children are the future and their safety is our responsibilty. This blog includes certain school bus safety tips for drivers, parents, and children and why they are actually important. 

13.  How Important is the School Bus Driver? –  School bus driving is a matter of perfection and care. And the goodwill of an institution lies in the hands of a school bus driver. There are many responsibilities for school bus drivers, and the school authorities should ensure that their school bus drivers never try to violate rules. 

14.  7 Qualities of a Great School Bus Transportation System – Let's face it. Not all school bus transportation are the same. Some of the transportations offered are shabby, and others come with advanced features. But what qualities should the perfect school bus transportation system have to be awesome? 

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