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Where’s RFID Going? – A Closer Look at the Technology’s Future


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has been here for a while now. Starting from RFID School Bus Tracking System, you might have seen several of its applications in your life. But, the use of RFID does not end here. It has a future, where you will get to witness RFID undergoing a complete transformation. With advanced technology, RFID will be more reliable and cost-effective in near future.

Let's have a look into what the future has in store for RFID:

Printed electronics

With the face of printed electronics transforming at a fast pace, you will soon get to see a new bunch of much thinner and flexible RFID tags. You will be able to integrate these tags with printed sensors, printed batteries and other technologies. Also, with 3D printing, you may be able to directly print RFID tags inside products in future.

The big impact in healthcare

Advancements in RFID are going to bring about drastic changes in healthcare. Patients will have personalized RFID medical cards, where patient history and details about prescriptions will be stored. This will help in easy identification of patients. Also, RFID tags can be used to remind about a particular medical procedure or medication. The RFID tags are going to be a blessing for visually-impaired patients. It will help the patients with their medication by reading out the name, dosage and time the medicine should be taken.

Changes in antenna designs

Only a good antenna design can ensure the better performance of an RFID tag. In fact, it is the antenna that aids in deciding when and where an RFID tag is going to be used and how good its performance will be. The future is going to witness new antennas and inlays as the manufacturers are going to compete with each other for better RFID antenna designs.

Higher memory

In future, you will get to see intelligence being built into tags and with extensions, assets being tagged. You can expect RFID tags with increased memory and lower costs to enable the "smart asset" applications.

Integration into sensors

RFID is going to revolutionize the ecosystem of sensors and communication technologies by being a part of it. This will help companies to keep track of their assets and shipments, and manage them in a better way.

Cloud-based applications

RFID has been used in a wide range of fields such as health care, manufacturing, retail etc. But, the management of data from thousands of tags has never been an easy task. With cloud-based applications, companies can easily manage data without any extra support or expenditure.

RFID industry is going to undergo a tremendous transformation in future. What the future of RFID is going to offer does not end with the list mentioned above. There are also going to be advancements in areas like Nano technology that is going to change the way you see the integration of RFID into products. It's time for users and manufacturers to prepare themselves for the widespread use of RFID in future.

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Where’s RFID Going? - A Closer Look at the Technology's Future
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